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Various types of “small tam” on the screen make the audience “bloody”

(Dan Tri) – In the movies, besides happy couples, there will often appear “sub-tams” with excess beauty, many tricks to make the audience “bloody” when watching the film’s progress.

The third person is not a new character on the Vietnamese screen, but every time a “small tam” appears on the film, it still makes the audience “bloody”. Let’s take a look at some of the most stoned “small tam” faces on Vietnamese screens.

Nha – “Go home, son”

In the movie “Going home, children” broadcast in 2019, actress Quynh Nga takes on the role of Nha, she “small tam” interferes with the marriage of Vu (actor Quoc Truong) and Thu (actor Bao Thanh).

Nha is a smart, clever, beautiful, talented girl. In the past, Nha was once tormented by Vu, was mistreated by Vu, so she returned to seduce Vu with the purpose of revenge.

Various types of mini-tams on the screen make the audience's blood boil - 1

Nha is the “small tam” girl that makes the audience’s blood boil when watching (Screenshot).

Nha came to Vu with intrigues and tricks from the very beginning. Outside, Nha is always cold and clear with Vu, always “speaks morally” that never interferes with other people’s happiness, but time and time again Nha fails to make Vu fall in love. Nha always appeared weak, like a victim in front of Vu’s eyes, many times Nha blamed Thu to make Vu more and more cold to Thu.

Taking on the role of minor tam, actress Quynh Nga received a backlash from the audience. Since the role of Nha aired, Quynh Nga has been constantly “stoned” by the audience on her personal page. Extremely bad, Quynh Nga even had to post a forum to share with the audience, hoping the audience could clearly distinguish between real life and movies.

Tea – “Rose on the left chest”

Referring to the series of “small tam” on the screen, making the audience “raise” can not help but mention the role of Tra in the movie “Rose on the left chest”, played by actress Luong Thanh. Luong Thanh used to take on gentle and meek roles, but her role of “tieu tam” made the audience “boiling blood”.

The character Tra was built as a third person with many calculations and tricks. Originally, Tra had no motive to destroy the happiness of the Thai family (actor Ngoc Quynh) and Khue (actor Hong Diem). Tra only followed the revenge directive of lawyer Dung (actor Kieu Thanh) for what Thai did to Dung’s sister in the past.

Various types of mini-tams on the screen make the audience's blood boil - 2

Luong Thanh first played the role of “tieu tam” on the screen (Photo: Film producer).

Tea is “small tam” sloppy, fake and deceitful. In front of Thai, she always plays the role of the victim, being bullied by Khue while Khue doesn’t care about the third person. Even, Tra repeatedly provoked, joked, insulted Khue, making Khue only “smack her lips” because she was angry.

Viewers of the movie even thought that the role of Tra “tieu tam” was much more obnoxious than Nha in “Go home, son”.

Actress Luong Thanh has shared many times that she faced pressure when taking on this role. When the film aired, she also refrained from reading the audience’s comments on her personal page to stabilize her mind during the filming process.

Nguyet Anh – “Order Bride”

Nguyet Anh in the movie “The Bride Order” played by actress Quynh Kool. Nguyet Anh has a childish, cute, cute appearance, but deep inside she always thinks of all sorts of wacky tricks to interfere with the happiness of the couple Yen (actor Lan Phuong) and Phong (actor Thanh Son). Not only that, she also did everything to win the love, care and protection from Phong’s grandmother.

Various types of mini-tams on the screen make the audience's blood boil - 3

Nguyet Anh plotted, played all kinds of games to destroy Yen and Phong’s family (Screenshot).

Nguyet Anh’s intrigues and tricks make viewers angry, she blatantly responds and challenges Yen. Always pretending to be the victim causes Yen to lose more and more points in the eyes of her grandmother-in-law. The climax is Nguyet Anh put birth control pills in a drawer in Yen’s bedroom, causing Yen to be severely scolded by her grandmother-in-law.

But soon, thanks to installing a camera in the bedroom, Yen unmasked Nguyet Anh’s trick. Embarrassed in front of the whole family, Nguyet Anh pulled the suitcase to leave, making the audience gloating.

Quynh Kool was highly appreciated by the audience when she played the role of “small tam”, she did a good job of showing the hateful look of the character Nguyet Anh. Quynh Kool herself once admitted that she herself felt “bloody” when reviewing her character on the film.

Vy – “Order Bride”

Before Nguyet Anh appeared in “The Bride Order”, the couple Yen and Phong had experienced ups and downs because of a girl named Vy (actor Phuong Oanh). Phuong Oanh made the audience “stunned” when she played the role of a fierce, cunning “tieu tam”.

Various types of mini-tams on the screen make the audience's blood boil - 4

Vy (Phuong Oanh) kidnaps the main house to extort money (Photo: Film producer).

Vy is a beautiful, sexy but sly, fierce girl, ready to do anything to achieve her goal. Vy even pretended to be pregnant to achieve the purpose of breaking in and destroying other people’s marriages.

When the gangsters came to the house to collect debt, Vy “overdoed it” ready to kidnap the government to demand 1 billion ransom. The plan failed, Vy had to receive bitter fruit that made the audience gloating. Although it only aired 2-3 episodes, this role of Phuong Oanh made the audience “hate bitterly”.

Tram – “Let’s say love”

The role of Tram “tieu tam” in the movie “Let’s say love” is the return after many years of absence from the screen of actress Truc Mai. Unlike other minor tams like Nha, Tra or Nguyet Anh, Tram is a more pitiful “small tam” than obnoxious when she blindly loves Mr.

Various types of mini-tams on the screen make the audience's blood boil - 5

Tram “small tam” makes the audience both blame and love (Screenshot).

Tram is the source of destruction to a seemingly peaceful family. In fact, the rifts in the family of Mr. Tin (People’s Artist Trong Trinh) and Mrs. Hoai (actor Nguyet Hang) have existed for a long time because of Mrs. Hoai’s domineering, but Tram’s appearance is “the last drop of water in the cup.” “makes everything fall apart.

Tram “tieu tam” is someone who can understand Mr. Tin, but the mistake is that she has developed feelings for a married man. She thinks that she is not wrong when she comes to Mr. Tin and insists that she is right. Tram always thinks that her love is the liberation for Mr. Tin from his wife’s overbearing and overbearing.

Tram character “tieu tam” is built with a sweet, weak, non-scheming personality and especially understands Mr. Tin, this is in contrast to the domineering and imposing wife. It is this that makes Tram receive pity from a part of the audience, but others criticize and condemn her act of deliberately interfering with other people’s families.

Various types of mini-tams on the screen make the audience's blood boil - 6

After many years of returning to the small screen, actress Truc Mai took on the role of “small tam” (Screenshot).

Used to share with Dan TriTruc Mai said: “As soon as I read the script, I found that Tram was a “small tam” not a “traditional”. Most of the “small tam” girls on the screen will have greed and intrigue. , purpose,… But Tram is a “small tam” girl simply because she loves a married man.

Initially, Tram also had a struggle because he wanted to keep that wrong happiness for himself, but later this character also understood all the problems and had a better solution.

In the film, many scenes of Tram being threatened, jealous, and scuffled by the government, this caused Truc Mai and colleagues like Quynh Kool, People’s Artist Trong Trinh, and actress Nguyet Hang to have small accidents while filming.

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