Warning tricks to take advantage of the call forwarding feature to steal OTP codes

According to the warning, crooks often pretend to be customer care staff of carriers, banks, and e-wallets to call customers for service instructions or solve any problems and ask users to There are authentication operations on the phone.

After the user agrees to follow the instructions, they will ask the user to enter a keypad code that is **21*scam phone number#OK (USSD protocol command). In essence, this is a call diverting feature that allows mobile subscribers to divert calls to another phone number.

When making a successful call transfer command according to the instructions of the scammer, the user’s subscriber still has signal, receives a Massage message (SMS) or enters the network normally, but all calls come from that time. was redirected to receive calls to “Scammers phone number”.

After fraudulently hijacking calls, the crooks will log in to the victim’s e-wallet application, social network account, etc. and declare that they forgot the login password, select the OTP code notification feature. Because the user was previously tricked into performing a call forwarding operation, calls from the application switchboard will be redirected to the phone number of the crook. From there, they easily took over social network accounts, controlled appropriation of money in wallets, bank accounts linked to e-wallets.

To protect users and minimize damage caused by fraudsters, VinaPhone recommends:

– Users need to be wary of fraudulent calls, instructing to transfer calls:

Beware of scam calls, do not execute code **21*Phone# according to instructions from these calls.

When the phone shows unusual signs such as not receiving an incoming call (with a call transfer icon next to the carrier logo), the user immediately manipulates the command. ##21# to cancel the order to transfer unwanted calls, and at the same time, contact VinaPhone via the toll free number 18001091 to check the subscriber’s status and get advice, answers or recommendations on how to handle it.

– Users need to be wary of fraudulent calls to replace 4G Sims:

In addition to the call transfer scam as above, there are some cases of scams to replace the free 4G Sim.

According to VinaPhone, the operator only offers to replace SIM for users who are using old SIM embryos (2G/3G SIM embryos). How to check the type of SIM you are using: Compose an sms message with the content “DS4G” and send it to 888 or press the USSD protocol with the command *0888#.

For subscribers who are using 4G SIM blanks: VinaPhone does not invite to replace another SIM.

VinaPhone staff will contact and come directly at the user’s address, do not change SIM remotely via phone or any other online form.

After VinaPhone staff perform the SIM replacement operation, the user re-verifies the subscriber’s authentication by making outgoing/incoming calls from the subscriber number to ensure smooth 2-way communication from his subscriber.

According to VinaPhone’s recommendation, in case the phone SIM is detected with abnormal signs such as loss of signal, not receiving calls, messages … for unknown reasons, users need to urgently contact VinaPhone via the total number. Free radio 18001091 for assistance in checking the status of subscribers and for advice and recommendations for timely handling.

According to PV

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