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Western miscalculation, the campaign must continue until the results are achieved

Former Russian President: Western miscalculation, the campaign must continue until results are achieved.  (Source: The Moscow Times)
Former President, currently Vice Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. (Source: The Moscow Times)

In an interview with RIA news agency, Mr. Medvedev said: “The special operation took place mainly because diplomacy did not achieve the goals set by the Russian government. This is what Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed. when he announced the start of the special operation”.

These goals are relevant to Ukraine’s future, including Ukraine’s status as a neutral state, a country that does not pursue anti-Russian policies, a state that does not militarize, and a country that should be a neighbour. Russian normal.

According to Mr. Medvedev, the course of the operation and related plans will be decided by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief – according to the Russian Constitution, who is the president. Additional comments are not needed as President Putin has provided a comprehensive assessment, development and approval of the campaign.

The former Russian president affirmed that the operation must continue until the goals set by the president are achieved.

Commenting on the unprecedented sanctions imposed by the West, Mr. Medvedev said that these actions only strengthen Russian society and do not cause public discontent with the government. Accordingly, the Russian people will “stand up for the country, will be the guide for the policy of the country”.

Phso, chairman of the Russian Security Council, said: “Such restrictions and deprivations only bring people together, unite people, not divide them. And that is a big Western miscalculation. , this is the weak point of these sanctions.”



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