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What dangers do women with breast augmentation face on the operating table?

(Dan Tri) – According to experts, every breast augmentation surgery has risks to health and there are some contraindications to performing it.

On March 21, the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment (Ministry of Health) issued a written request to the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City to urgently verify and clarify the fact that a woman named NTNN (SN 1989, living in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City) ) Died during breast augmentation surgery at Hospital 1A (also known as Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital) that the press reported.

Possible complications of breast augmentation

Before that, 1A Hospital said that Ms. N. had breast reconstruction surgery with gel bags, using the anesthetic method of endotracheal anesthesia. During surgery, the patient stopped breathing and was treated with intensive care according to the correct procedure.

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The room to perform breast augmentation surgery for Ms. N. (Photo: Supplier).

According to information from Ms. N’s family, the police reported the initial autopsy results to them. Accordingly, the victim had poisoning of unknown cause, a hole in one lung but no blood clot. Previously, the victim’s biological sister also said that her sister had a history of asthma, had low calcium and had to regularly receive protein. This raises the question: Is the patient eligible? health for surgery, and what cases are contraindicated for breast augmentation surgery?

Talk to PV Dan Tri, a plastic surgery specialist with more than 10 years of experience in public hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, said that every plastic surgery in general and breast augmentation in particular has the highest risk ratio. determined, so it cannot be said to guarantee absolute safety. If an experienced surgeon does all the procedures correctly, the risk of complications is reduced.

With implantation, proximal and distal complications can occur. Proximal complication is that the patient may have a lot of pain in the incision. The patient had a bleeding complication, with a sudden abnormally enlarged chest. In this case, the doctor will have to operate again to stop the bleeding for the patient. Infection is a possible complication after breast implant placement. To avoid infection, all processes must be completely sterile.

The most commonly mentioned distal complications are capsular contracture, bad scarring, chest deviation and late discharge syndrome.

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A case of breast implant rupture required emergency care at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: BVCC).

In addition to breast implants, autologous fat injection is also a way to improve breasts. The doctor will take fat from the abdomen, thighs, hips, back or arms and graft it into the chest, so there will be an ultrasound liposuction procedure. This method has the disadvantage that there will be fat loss depending on the body of each person. If the pump is uneven, fibroids may later form in the patient’s body.

Or someone uses fillers (like silicone) for breast augmentation. However, silicone is a banned substance in cosmetology, injected easily causes necrotic complications, infection and deformity of the chest.

Asthma can breast augmentation surgery?

Regarding surgical conditions, the doctor said that except for cases where the patient has a chronic disease or a history of heart disease, diabetes, etc., who is not healthy enough for surgery, very few cases are contraindicated for breast implant intervention.

In fact, although the surgeon is the first to receive the examination and consultation, the person responsible for the operation is the anesthesiologist. Only if preoperative tests do not respond, such as chest X-ray, urine problems, blood clotting disorders, blood infections, elevated liver enzymes, low kidney function, heart rhythm disturbances … new contraindications for surgery.

Patients with theoretical asthma are still in the case of breast implants, but it depends on the severity of the disease. If the patient has severe asthma, and has to take bronchodilators many times a day, use corticosteroids, etc., the treatment will not be healthy enough for breast augmentation surgery.

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People when performing a beauty method need to be carefully consulted by a doctor about possible complications (Artwork).

Particularly for breast augmentation patients who have a punctured lung but no blood clot, the expert is inclined to the direction of the incident occurring during the surgery. In fact, there have been cases when the surgeon dissected the periosteum causing a puncture of the lung. If this is the case, it is necessary to have a thoracic surgeon to assist in suturing the closed lung, otherwise the lung will quickly collapse and the patient is in danger.

Or the patient may be poisoned, anaphylactic shock, anesthetic used during surgery. However, these are only initial assumptions, it is necessary to have a final forensic conclusion from the authorities to determine the cause of the breast augmentation patient’s death.

Experts recommend, every citizen should be a smart customer. Before performing a beauty method, it is necessary to consult a doctor carefully about the rate of possible complications. At the same time, the place to be selected must be a reputable, reliable and fully licensed medical facility.

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