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Wife invites a third person to drink coffee after the affair

Little three times seven times begging for forgiveness

Recently, a wife posted a denunciation article husband of adultery. She also condemned the act of “snatching her husband” from a third person.

Couple with other's husband, minor tam was

The article is posted.

“When my family wants to sue, I beg you not to tell my parents, don’t sue. I’m sorry, I’m sorry T. You apologize to my whole family, after a few months, you won’t challenge the evidence. My family is kind. . wife writes.

As she shared, her family was living happily when the third person stepped in. Until being caught, Tieu Tam begged for a way of life to raise children. But then, five times seven times, this wife waited for the government to go to work, then secretly texted her husband, challenging his wife again and again.

Couple with other's husband, minor tam was

Messages from husband and third party.

Even the minor tam wrote a commitment not to interact with other people’s husbands but re-offend.

“It’s also really good, when the husband and wife have an exit permit, they rush in despite their shame. Now when they get divorced, they rush into my brother-in-law’s house. While my husband’s family curses no where else should be thick-faced jerking husband.

There are many more audio and video recordings. Now let all facebook brothers and the husband’s family of this 13th year of the year come in to see as possible. Why didn’t you jump in when we were having a hard time selling soybeans on the street?” angry wife.

It is known that Xiao Tam’s Zalo account uses a girl’s name to set it. However, Zalo’s email uses this wife’s husband’s name.

The wife denounced the work of the minor to the agency

In the attached images, the wife shared a text message criticizing the third person and invited him to a cafe to meet.

“My husband and I are still living together, it is illegal for you to interfere with my husband. Tomorrow, I will call you at the number I just texted, invite you to have a coffee and talk clearly. If you don’t come out, I’ll have to invite the police to intervene.”the wife texted.

Couple with other's husband, minor tam was

A message from the wife to the little tam.

Next are pictures of the mistress and her husband for each other. Both sides are very affectionate and promise many things. Moreover, the photo of her husband taking her husband to go out and eat and drink was also captured in her hand.

The third person once wrote a witness statement. In it, this woman told that she and the other man were high school classmates.

“In February 2021, I met Mr. K. and after knowing that Mr. K. was divorced, I had a romantic relationship with him. But now, I am informed by his family that Mr. K. is not divorced. divorced, so I will not continue this relationship”, mini tam Write.

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The sub-committee was written when caught in the act of adultery.

Couple with other's husband, minor tam was

The wife applied to the third party’s agency.

However, that wrong relationship did not stop, forcing the wife to write a request to the general clinic where Tieu Tam worked to deal with personality issues. At the same time, she also denounced the agency of the sub-tam about the issue of “robbing” her husband.

During the meeting at the coffee shop, the two sides talked very civilly. The main room is not heavy, asking about her husband and the third person comfortably. Perhaps, there is no need to fight with jealousy, just this wife’s calmness in facing everything is enough to make Tieu Tam feel scared.

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The meeting of the minor three and the main chamber.

The wife also later revealed that she and her husband were divorced. However, even after the divorce, she still wants to reveal everything related to the minor tam for everyone to know. In the meantime, the third person even still has a husband and children, but is comfortable with other people’s husbands.

Whatever you say, in an adulterous affair, the mistake and the guilt do not belong to the third person. If the husband doesn’t agree, the little tam alone can’t step into the relationship.

Therefore, the wife’s choice to end everything is also very understandable. Once the love is gone, the love for each other is over, punishing the third person will not solve the problem. when-tai-dien-returns-conversion-foreign-intelligence-20220325152336649.chn

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