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Women often mistakenly think that loving their husbands has to do these things, but the reality makes men even more

When you step in Family lifeWomen often want to build themselves according to the model of a good wife, complete in everything from taking care of children, housework and career in society. But there are times when trying too hard puts pressure on the sisters themselves, which leads to family harmony that cannot be maintained. Meanwhile, men are not sure that their wives are so perfect.

Do not let your husband adopt

When in love everything is romantic, but married life is completely different. Because when they are officially husband and wife, both sides will have a lot of binding relationships that need to be taken care of as well as responsibilities on their shoulders that must be done. It is these pressures that make the love of two people no longer romantic. So women believe too much in the promise of men that:You stay at home to take care of the kids, I’ve taken care of the economy, I’ll take care of everything.” is not advisable.

Women often mistakenly think that loving their husbands has to do these things, in fact, it makes men move away from their wives - Photo 1.


In fact, when making promises, men are also very sincere. From the starting point, he also wanted to be able to protect and cover his woman. He also hopes to give her the best, but life is unpredictable. When everything goes well, he can still earn money to support his family, no problem. On the contrary, unfortunately, the job is not satisfactory, then earning money to support his wife and family will be a burden for men. The greater the pressure on the shoulders, the more likely it is to lead to husband and wife collision and you will become a cause for his fatigue and an excuse for her husband to blame.

Instead, women have their own careers, in addition to cooking, we have an outside relationship to socialize, and we will see a colorful life, not boring. In particular, earning money by themselves, in any situation, women always stand on an equal footing with their husbands, not an excuse for anyone to blame.

Forget about your own health

Sometimes, because women are so busy taking care of their husbands and children, they often forget about their own health. When her husband and children are sick, the sisters stay up all day and night to take care of sticky rice with sweet soup and serve it by hand. However, when I was sick, I still tried to get up and do everything like the healthy days. Even taking fever-reducing medicine to try to reverse care for her husband. Meanwhile, the person who needs to be taken care of should be yourself.

In fact, women doing so not only make themselves disadvantaged, lose their right to rest, but also make their husbands selfish. Because when his wife is sick, he still tries to do it, the man will only think that his wife is still able to take care of the job and he does not need to be too concerned. Gradually you form for your husband to think, whether sick or healthy wife still has to do everything. A sick man always needs his wife to take care of him, and a sick wife can take care of herself or heal on her own.

Take everything

Women often mistakenly think that loving their husbands must do these things, in fact, it makes men even more distant from their wives - Photo 2.


The general mentality of Asian women is when you want to take care of the housework, take care of the children, take care of the family on both sides. Whether you have started because you like to be the perfect wife or you may want to become an independent woman with complete control in life, embracing everything in your life makes your life easier. stress and then bring pressure to the people next to you.

In fact, it is true that men always expect their wives to be a solid support for their husbands, but that does not mean that he prefers an independent partner who is almost completely separate from her husband. Because marriage is a bond between husband and wife. As a man, he wants to be able to shoulder heavy tasks and big responsibilities in life. If the wife is too independent and does not need her husband’s protection and help, it will make him feel inferior, even inferior, and feel inferior in his wife’s eyes. Men don’t like that. vo-20220325224438593.chn

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