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3 Changes in the Ear that Warn the Risk of Tumors, Everyone Needs To Know To Go To The Doctor

1. Good hearing indicates healthy kidneys

3 changes in the ear warn of tumor risk, everyone needs to know to go to the doctor early - 1

According to its structure, there are many acupuncture points in the ear as well as meridians. If the organs in our body have problems, the ears will also experience some related changes. Usually, we often hear about the “four diagnoses” – the 4 healing methods of Eastern medicine: seeing, hearing, asking, touching, including “diagnosing the ear”.

Even some ancient medical books have related records of the relationship between the ear and internal organs, and use the “ear diagnosis” method to observe and treat disease. Chinese medicine also has a saying: “The kidneys are connected to the ears”, which means that if the kidneys are in trouble, it can cause tinnitus, deafness or other abnormal manifestations. If the kidneys are healthy, the ears pick up sound very quickly.

2. These changes to the ear can be a risk of tumor, people should get checked

Usually if observed, the ear will be divided into the inner ear and outer ear. When performing an “ear diagnosis”, pay attention to the outside of the ear, especially including the rim and external ear canal. By observing the color, shape and changes of the earlobe, it can be seen whether the inside of the body is healthy or not. A healthy person has earlobes that are pink, shiny, and elastic. But if any of the following problems occur on the edge of the ear, beware of dangerous diseases.

red earrings

3 Ear Changes Warn Tumor Risk, Everyone Needs to Know to Go to the Doctor Early - 2

Red swollen earlobes are a sign that the body is in a “high fire” state, most likely due to liver and gallbladder problems with “fire prosperity” or the risk of acute low back pain.

For women, especially observing the triangular hole, if there are large red areas, even with peeling, then it is necessary to be wary of metritis problems. In addition, when you have clear red veins behind your ears and feel very cold to the touch, then you need to pay attention to the risk of measles.

Hot and red earlobe if not related to mood can also be a sign that the adrenal glands are not working enough. Adrenal failure can lead to low blood pressure, weight loss, and kidney failure, among other conditions. Red ears are a sign of adrenal insufficiency.

white earlobe

3 changes to the ear warn of tumor risk, everyone needs to know to go to the doctor early - 3

If your earlobe is pale white and there is no blood color, it may be due to insufficient blood qi or lung qi. At the same time, this condition also indicates that the ears are relatively weak, so you also need to be aware of the problem of colds. In addition, the earlobe is pale white with thick flesh on the earlobe, at this time it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of sputum in the body, even accompanied by anemia.

Dark brown earlobe

If the auricle is black or dark brown, you need to be careful because there may be a risk of tumors appearing in the body.

In addition, rough and dark earlobe is mostly an indication of infectious disease or diabetes. The cause of this condition in the ear is due to a disease that causes the yin fluid in the body to be disturbed.

Attention, there are wrinkles on the earlobe, it will be a big problem. Researchers point out that this could be a sign of coronary artery disease. They say this is due to the breakdown of the elastic tissue around the tiny blood vessels in the ear and heart. In addition, you need to pay more attention to your health when there are signs of potential cardiovascular problems such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue.

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