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70 projects reached the final of the Contest of Students with Start-up Ideas

(Dan Tri) – On March 26, there will be the final round of the 4th contest of students with startup ideas. Here, a policy dialogue session to promote entrepreneurship for students will also be held.

70 finalist projects

Events “National Entrepreneurship Day for students” is chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training, in collaboration with the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and other units, organized annually with the goal of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. students, students; help students change their thinking, perception, dare to think, dare to do and have great aspirations to turn dreams and ideas into reality.

This is the 4th time the event has been held. The highlight of this year, the contest “Students and students with startup ideas” (SV_STARTUP) was held on a national scale with 400 participating universities, colleges, intermediate schools, and middle and high schools. .

The contest is open to students with the age group from 12-24 years old, who are studying at universities, pedagogical colleges, middle and high schools nationwide.

Launched in April 2021, the contest has received nearly 400 projects. The projects are evaluated for quality and diversity, focusing on many fields.

There are 70 best projects that have entered the voting and final round of the contest, including 2 excellent projects from secondary school students.

70 projects reached the final of the Contest of Students with Start-up Ideas - 1

After nearly a year of launching, the contest has received nearly 400 projects (Photo: PM).

At the event, there will be visits to spaces displaying startup ideas of students in 8 fields: Science and technology; industry, product manufacturing; Agriculture, Forestry and fishery; education, medical; travel services; finance, banking; business create social impact; other professions and business fields.

There are about 70 exhibition spaces selected from nearly 400 ideas and projects sent to the Organizing Committee.

Within the framework of “The 4th National Student Entrepreneurship Day”, a dialogue session on “Policies to promote the development of a startup ecosystem for students and students – the role of the school will take place.” , enterprises, investment funds and localities”.

It is known that the final round of the 4th HSSV Contest with the idea of ​​​​starting a business is divided into two stages.

Stage 1, direct examination at the project booth on the afternoon of March 26, 2022 to choose 12 student projects and 7 projects for junior high and high school students.

Stage 2, the projects are presented to the Jury on the morning of March 27, 2022 at the Hall during the National Student Startup Day 2021.

Before participating in the Final Round, the projects were invited to participate in the online voting round which lasted from 12:00 on February 25, 2022 to 12:00 on March 25, 2022.

After a month of voting, it has attracted more than 11 million visitors, more than 700 thousand users and nearly 3 million project votes, of which nearly 10% are users of other languages.

Bringing entrepreneurship into the main training program

After three times of organization, the number of start-up projects of students increases year by year and the content of science and technology in the projects is increasing.

About 50% of universities, academies and universities have contests on entrepreneurship at school level, every year each school has about 10 to 20 ideas and startup projects of students participating in competitions.

100% of the Departments of Education and Training had students participate in the Student Competition with the idea of ​​​​starting a business. Some localities have organized their own competitions and have a large number of project ideas. Some ideas and projects of students have been established businesses or acquired by large enterprises. Among them, some businesses have come to Series B and Series C funding rounds.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, in the next phase, this unit will continue to implement important solutions to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in schools.

In particular, continue to direct research institutions to develop innovation and entrepreneurship subjects to include in training programs in the form of main courses (compulsory or elective) or in training programs. extracurricular, short term.

Research and propose the number of lecturers and staff to support students in starting a business to ensure effective activities. Building incubation and accelerator programs for students’ startup projects and alumni’s small and medium-sized businesses on the basis of connecting with businesses and incubating organizations outside the community to form into start-ups.

Continue to mobilize school resources, socialize resources to build common spaces, laboratories, and practice workshops dedicated to startups to support trial production and development of startup products. ensure practicality, suitable for training groups and disciplines.

Strengthen cooperation between schools and businesses to support students to practice, experience, and coordinate the production of sample products.

Coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and a number of ministries and sectors in researching to remove difficulties in the deployment of start-up support funds in training institutions, establishing community funds and donation funds for investment. initially for students’ start-up projects.

In particular, the Ministry of Education and Training will also continue to develop and improve mechanisms and policies to support students in starting a business.

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