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A precious gift from a true fan makes ‘wonder woman’ Kim Cuong shed tears

Besides his colleagues, People’s Artist Kim Cuong was greeted by many “guts” audiences. She broke down in tears when she heard about the fans’ feelings.

On March 25, People’s Artist Diamond Release of an audiobook of memoirs Live for yourself, live for others. Besides the artist, many spectators came to celebrate with her.

An audience member said that she and her daughter are “intrinsic” fans of Kim Cuong. After buying the memoir Live for yourself, live for othersShe did not expect her 12-year-old daughter to love reading more than her mother. “She read and re-read, memorized every detail in Ms. Kim Cuong’s memoir. So much so that once she heard film critic Le Hong Lam talk about her, she even told me: Mom, this uncle doesn’t talk about you like in the books I read“, this spectator told.

A precious gift from a true fan makes 'wonder woman' Kim Cuong shed tears
Quynh (left) brought rice paintings to People’s Artist Kim Cuong.

Another audience member named Quynh burst into tears when he met People’s Artist Kim Cuong. Sharing with VietNamNet, Quynh said that her whole family is a “wonder woman” idol. When she learned that Kim Cuong held an audiobook launch, she and her husband came to share the joy with her.

“I liked People’s Artist Kim Cuong from a young age when I watched her act with my parents on a black and white TV. At that time, I liked it, but I didn’t understand much about drama because I was too young. Growing up, I fell more and more in love with Ms. Kim Cuong because community activities. My family and I have been volunteering for many years, so I sympathize with what she has done”, this sister said.

Quynh often reads interviews with Kim Cuong in newspapers. She admires the idol’s statement “Ready to sell my house for charity”, taking it as an example and motivation to help others more. In addition, she also took her life perspective to teach her children.

A gift full of love made Diamond shed tears.

Meeting Kim Cuong “in flesh and blood”, Quynh choked on tears. The People’s Artist went down to the stage to hug the “intestine” fan, saying: “I forced you to pay me. Today I was very happy and laughed all the time, but you made me cry”.

Then, Ms. Quynh gave Kim Cuong a rice painting of her portrait, size 30 x 40 cm. She ordered the artist to do it urgently in 1 day to bring it to the event. “I’ve never had such close and intense feelings. When I was hugged by her, I almost couldn’t stand. Maybe because I was so happy, I didn’t speak very coherently,” this audience confided.

Kim Cuong showed off this special gift to artists Kim Xuan, Thanh Loc and Huu Chau. She said: “For me, money or material things have never been more precious than these moments. The artist wants nothing more than such pure and sincere love from the audience.”

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