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Big Family pharmacy chain: Leverage brand of Vietnamese pharmacies

(Dan Tri) – The Big Family Pharmacy System is a chain of drugstores that cooperate and develop, not a franchised chain of pharmacies, currently Big Family is cooperating with more than 1,000 pharmacies in 63/… 63 provinces.

Big Family includes an ecosystem with 2 leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Factories in Vietnam, which have achieved ISO 22000:2018, GMP and US FDA certificates (Bigfa International Pharmaceutical Factory in Hoa Binh, Pharmaceutical Factory. Thang Long International in Dong Anh – Hanoi and is expected to start construction of Dong Duoc drug factory and Milk factory in 2022). With an ecosystem of organic medicinal herbs growing on tens of hectares in Hoa Binh and Nam Dinh.

With the continuous growth of large chains, the business model of pharmacies and retail pharmacies is facing great challenges. The “old” pharmacies are not having a good brand identity, old operating models, outdated sales thinking, slow connection and use of technology in operation. Big Family wants to cooperate with pharmacies, drugstores and investors nationwide to form the largest and strongest Pharmacy System, bringing a lot of value to its members as well as helping people to use it. Use quality products with best policy.

With the form of cooperation and development, the pharmacies and drugstores in the Big Family chain are being connected to an extremely dynamic cooperation model, in which pharmacies still maintain their ownership, Big Family does not participate in and interfere with the control and legal rights of pharmacies and drugstores. Besides, pharmacies and drugstores are not subject to monthly revenue and do not have to share profits with their partners.

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Opening ceremony of Big Family pharmacy No. 965.

Cooperating with Big Family, pharmacies do not have to pay to join & maintain the system during the cooperation period. Not only that, Big Family’s partners can also participate free of charge in-depth training courses on expertise, sales, business strategies and capture industry trends from senior experts weekly.

Especially for pharmacies and drugstores, when participating in the cooperation, Big Family will be equipped and built on-site with tools for uniforms, posters, standees, billboards and placards with high quality materials to help pharmacies. , the pharmacy has the most standard and professional appearance.

Big Family is confident that its complete ecosystem will help drugstores transform and develop the most in the coming time, with exclusive strategic products distributed by Big Family, in addition Big Family also is ready to provide a variety of items with full invoices and vouchers that pharmacies need to support to boost revenue for their pharmacies.

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Pharmacies are provided by Big Family with all necessary equipment.

Coming to Big Family, pharmacies can also use the software with the latest technology platform that Big Family provides completely free of charge during the cooperation process. The VideoCall software that Big Family built itself is helping pharmacy customers easily connect with leading experts in the field for remote consultation at the counter. And the most valuable thing is that Big Family has successfully deployed Bigpos sales management software with a full ERP management system, connected to the pharmacy portal to help operate the pharmacy professionally and effectively.

“If you want to go far, go together” this is the first motto to develop the Big Family Pharmacy system in a “flat world” like today. Geographic distance is no longer a concern for drugstores’ business because Big Family, with its strengths in brands, products, advertising policies and technology, has the capacity to cooperate with other pharmacies. pharmacies nationwide, forming a strong pharmacy system, capable of long-term competition with the market. With more than 1,000 existing affiliated pharmacies, Big Family has been and is the leading drugstore chain in Vietnam. By 2022, Big Family hopes to connect more than 5,000 partners and bring a modern and professional pharmacy system to every ward and commune in Vietnam.

With a clear goal, appropriate strategy and solid foundation, within just one year of development, Big Family has become a nationwide chain of affiliated drugstores, gradually becoming a “safe” companion. – friendly – convenient” of millions of Vietnamese families. Understanding the market, complying with domestic and international pharmaceutical production and distribution regulations, developing a modern B2B business model and applying AI and IoT technology in the pharmacy chain system… decisive factor for the success of Big Family in the domestic market. In parallel with that cooperative business, Big Family also promotes the export of products distributed by BigFam to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, contributing to enhancing the position of the Vietnamese pharmaceutical brand. In the world.

CEO, General Director of BigFam Pharmaceutical Trading Joint Stock Company shared, “Big Family will be as its name suggests, a big family with pharmacies and drugstores in all 63 provinces, we will do the work. all in order to bring the most value to our partners, and at the same time help people have quick access to really quality products, for a healthy Vietnam, a rich and strong Vietnam”.

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CEO Cao Xuan Thoai.

Despite many challenges, there is no shortage of opportunities, the journey of connecting Big Family pharmacies is gradually being affirmed, bringing health values ​​​​to people and new pharmacy aesthetics to the whole community.

Big Family Affiliated Pharmacy System

Hotline: 1800.1126

Northern office: Area B2, R6 Building, Royal City, 72 Nguyen Trai, Thuong Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

Southern office: 263 Go Dau, Tan Quy ward, Tan Phu district, HCMC.

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