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Bo had just given birth, her husband was excited to show off his “pictured beauty”, but looking at the piece of paper his wife gave him,

Ever made a serious mistake in Marriage lifethe husband named facebook KH went to social networks to share his unfortunate story.

H. said: “I’ve been married since 2014. After getting married, my husband and I have a 3-year plan to do business. I want to give birth when I buy a house, but having small children is also hard work.

Husband and wife plowing, working day and night after 3 years also completed the plan to buy a house. Right after that, we embarked on the second goal of having a baby. However, I don’t understand why my wife has been released for a year, but there is no good news. Going to the doctor, both results are normal, but no matter how much I eat and drink, my wife is not pregnant.

Waiting 3 years without children, I am really impatient. Especially since I’m an only child, my parents called me every few days to ask if there was anything, making me even more impatient. On the contrary, my wife is very calm, whenever she sees her husband mentioning about children, she encourages her: ‘Children are fate, when God gives them, they will be. Or we adopt children first to have fun at home’.

Bo had just given birth, her husband was excited to show off his

The wife’s post

The few times my wife mentioned about adoption like that made me start to suspect that my wife’s reproductive health might have a problem but hid it from me. Gradually, I couldn’t wait patiently for ‘heaven for me’ anymore, but decided to ‘find’ it myself.

H. said that, after thinking carefully about going out to send children, he decided to have an affair. H. Dinh thought that the problem was definitely in his wife because he thought he was very healthy, so he had the right to find another woman. Even if his wife knew, he would honestly say so.

This husband continued: “I had an affair for a few months, then my wife knew. She was quite shocked, but I also didn’t mind because of the fact that I could not live forever with a woman who could not bear children. Despite my wife crying, holding on to all kinds of things, I answered correctly. Only 1 sentence: ‘As long as you can give me a child, regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, I will immediately return to take care of my family as before’.

When I said that, the wife was silent. That helps me further confirm that my wife is really helpless in giving birth. Then there is no reason for me to regret. Especially a few months later, when my lover announced that I was pregnant, I officially separated from my wife to take care of her. Wait until the baby is born healthy to make sure I will get a divorce.

Waiting forever also comes the moment when I can hold my baby in my arms, the happiness of a father makes me defy everything. Plus the promise to give my lover my rightful identity is me determined to divorce.

Returning home this time, I have the mentality of a winner, without any guilt or guilt because I have clearly proven to my wife that she can’t keep her husband if she can’t give birth. Even after I signed the application, I opened a photo of my new born son for my wife to see and said: ‘You see, if I stick with you, I won’t be able to be a father for the rest of my life. Look at my baby, he’s as beautiful as a picture’.

Bo had just given birth, her husband was excited to show off his


Unexpectedly, my wife replied with a cold face: ‘Your child is not beautiful’. After that, my wife gave me a check-up sheet of my health results from 6 years ago. At that time, we had only been married for more than 2 years, I had a work accident, luckily escaped death but completely lost my ability to reproduce. My wife didn’t let me know because she didn’t want her husband to be shocked. The next time she went to the doctor, she also hid the real results.

My wife is willing to sacrifice her motherhood to live with me for the rest of her life, but I’m deserted by all means to go to another woman, letting her lead the way without knowing anything. Unfortunately, when I found out the truth, it was too late. My wife definitely won’t forgive me.”

No matter how tolerant a woman’s heart is, there is never room for a cheating husband. So when a man has an affair, it also means that he permanently loses his wife’s love and trust like the husband in the story above. you-on-ear-for-20220326213953206.chn

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