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Bored of the hustle and bustle at the golf course, Miss Ngoc Han switched to jogging?

In the midst of public opinion about the golfers after the scandal of singer Hien Ho, Miss Ngoc Han made an unexpected move to be seen shopping for jogging clothes.

Surprised the image of Ngoc Han simply goes shopping

Dang Thi Ngoc Han (Miss Ngoc Han) has long been known as a golfer. She often posts on her personal Facebook page pictures of herself and her friends playing golf. Ngoc Han’s golfer friends are also excellent beauties, such as Miss Do My Linh, Miss Jennifer Pham, etc.

In the midst of public opinion about golfers after the scandal of singer Hien Ho, golfer Ngoc Han made an unexpected move to be seen shopping for jogging gear.

The image of Miss Vietnam 2010 appearing in a shop specializing in running clothes and accessories for runners in Hanoi was suddenly shared on social networks on March 25. The picture shows the beauty queen in a pretty simple outfit, happily taking pictures with the store’s salesperson, next to a paper bag of the store Ngoc Han has just shopped.

Bored of the noise of the golf course, Miss Ngoc Han switched to jogging?
This image shows Ngoc Han starting to “fall into a lime hole” with running.

This female saleswoman shared this photo on social media with the caption: “Welcome to the lime pit”. This shows that the beauty born in 1989 has just started getting acquainted with this new sport.

Before Ngoc Han, there were many beauty queens and beauty lovers with running. Miss Vietnam 1994 Nguyen Thu Thuy (who unfortunately passed away in June 2021) was also a familiar face in the running village. Doan Thu Thuy – Top 10 Vietnamese supermodel in 2015 – is also a famous runner in the movement running village. Doan Thu Thuy is currently in charge of the role of Managing and Developing the online & offline running project.

In addition, queens like Mai Phuong Thuy, Do My Linh, H’hen Niê, Tieu Vy, and Mau Thuy are also known as those who work hard to keep fit.

Bored of the noise of the golf course, Miss Ngoc Han switched to jogging?
Ngoc Han poses at Tuyen Lam golf course (Da Lat).

Ngoc Han usurped Mai Phuong Thuy’s “stock market” title?

Recently, Ngoc Han is not only known for her role as an activist in the showbiz world, she is also known as an entrepreneur and a stock investor.

Just a few days ago, on March 16, Ngoc Han was appointed Deputy General Director of Ninh Van Bay Tourism Real Estate Joint Stock Company – the investor of a series of resort projects: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Emralda Ninh Binh, Lac Viet New Tourist City, Six Senses Sai Gon Rive.

“I feel very excited because the company’s directions are in line with my own and also the goals I have pursued for a long time. We especially honor and value the values ​​of nature and history with the principle of sustainable green living. Not only respecting and preserving the landscape or architecture, it is also the image of the country, people and wonders of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends. I hope that with my enthusiasm, I will contribute to raising the bar and spreading the inspiration to experience green spaces to everyone”, Ngoc Han shared after being appointed to the new position.

Notably, at the same time as being appointed, Ngoc Han also attracted attention with the statement that she was a shareholder of Tasco Joint Stock Company (stock code: HUT). Meanwhile, HUT is one of the “hottest” stocks in the market when it has nearly tripled since the beginning of the year.

Bored of the noise of the golf course, Miss Ngoc Han switched to jogging?
The two queens Ngoc Han – Do My Linh are close golf friends.

It can be seen that Ngoc Han’s movements on the stock market recently have many similarities with senior Mai Phuong Thuy. That is to create a moderate level of public attention about a stock, and at the same time, the stock price also increases continuously, causing many investors to rush.

Stock codes related to Ngoc Han can be mentioned as: HUT of Tasco, NVT of Ninh Van Bay, and DNP of Dong Nai Plastics.

Going through these codes, it can be seen that NVT is having a series of consecutive days of ceiling increases since March 14, just 2 days before Ngoc Han was appointed. NVT’s share price has increased by 79% in this short period of time, closing last week at 26,500 VND/share, the highest price of NVT since its initial listing in 2010. Remember there was a time. From 2011-2018, this stock only traded below the threshold of 5,000 VND/share. Up to now, NVT stock is still being warned by HOSE because the undistributed profit after tax as of December 31, 2020 is negative.

Thus, the owners who paid for Ngoc Han’s salary at least achieved the purpose of the stock price.

Bored of the noise of the golf course, Miss Ngoc Han switched to jogging?
Ngoc Han’s golfing group also includes Miss Jennifer Pham.

HUT stock of BOT “boss” Tasco was even more impressive when it increased by 146% from the beginning of 2022 to March 21. However, investors who have been “swinging to the top” with HUT may be having a headache because they have not had time to “get off the ship” when HUT has dropped in price in 3 of the last 4 sessions, with two sessions dropping to the floor.

The same scenario also happened in DNP of Dong Nai Plastics, after an unusual increase of 77% from March 14 to March 22, this stock suddenly turned down 2 consecutive sessions.

Until now, although she is the Deputy General Director at Ninh Van Bay, Ngoc Han is still introduced as the Director of External Relations at Dong Nai Plastic Joint Stock Company. This is also not surprising as both of these businesses are known to belong to the ecosystem of businessman Vu Dinh Do, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DNP.

In addition, Ngoc Han is also said to be related to a few other codes such as JVC (Viet Nhat Medical Development and Investment JSC), VC9 (Construction No. 9 JSC). Both of these codes are also under control because the profit after tax for 2 consecutive years is negative.

However, VC9 stock is becoming a phenomenon on the HNX as the price has increased by more than 120% in just the last 10 sessions. During this period, JVC’s price increase was 27%.

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