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Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam joins the Vietnamese team in Japan

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Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam reunited with his teammates at the hotel. Photo: VFF

After a journey with a total length of more than 16 hours, on the afternoon of March 26, the Vietnamese team also settled down at the Metropolitan Tokyo, Japan. The Vietnamese team immediately joined the strictest closed bubble regime in Japan.

Due to being forced to comply with the Japanese Government’s regulations for the prevention and control of COVID-19 without any exception, despite having proactively prepared all relevant documents in advance. According to the health requirements of the host country, it took more than 3 hours for Vietnamese team members to receive RT-PCR test results to ensure eligibility for entry.

The host country’s organizing committee arranged 2 buses and 1 large truck to serve the Vietnamese team.

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The team’s dining room is also divided by partitions to limit the spread of disease. Photo: VFF

The RT-PCR test was performed at the airport and the team faced the first difficulty when there was 1 case positive for COVID-19. That’s the language assistant Le Huy Khoa. According to the regulations of the Japanese Government, Mr. Le Huy Khoa was taken to isolation at a hotel different from the hotel of the team.

The confirmed cases of close contact on the temporary flight are also required to limit close contact with the remaining members for monitoring until the results of the next PCR test are available.

Even the team’s dining room is divided by partitions to limit the spread. This not only makes the life of the whole team very inconvenient, but also greatly affects the professional work, because in principle the F1 cases up to this point have not been able to attend the general meeting of the team.

Besides, the absence of language assistant Le Huy Khoa also greatly affects the communication of information from head coach Park Hang-seo to the players.

The dining room space is separated by wooden wall panels. The dining tables are also separated by glass walls.

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In Japan, each player is given a separate room. Photo: VFF

Previously, based on the very strict COVID-19 prevention and control principles from Japan, the Vietnam Football Federation has also taken necessary measures to minimize the consequences that may occur in the event of a pandemic. there are members infected with COVID-19, especially the issue related to the player force.

Specifically, for the move from Vietnam to Japan, the Vietnam Football Federation worked with Vietnam Airlines to arrange seats for team members according to the principle of “zigzag”. Each member is separated by a row of seats.

The arrangement of rooms at the hotel while in Vietnam is also calculated based on the players’ playing positions on the field so that in the unfortunate event that a player is positive for COVID-19, there will still be enough troops at the hotel. the necessary positions in the starting lineup. In Japan, each player is given a separate room.

On the afternoon of March 26, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam reunited with his teammates at the hotel.

At 17 pm on March 26 local time (15 Vietnam time), coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students will enter the first practice session on the training ground of Saitama Stadium, located about 40 minutes from the hotel. bus transfer.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the injury status of the players, in which the latest is the case of Tien Linh and Van Xuan, Coach Park Hang-seo has only 20 players left to prepare for the match with the team. Japanese host.

Tien Linh was determined to tear the adductor muscle in the match against the Oman team. Meanwhile, Van Xuan flipped his ankle during the team’s training session this morning.

In addition to the absence of players due to COVID-19 and injuries, there are 2 players who were not named in the trip to Japan, defender Nguyen Thanh Chung (received 2 yellow cards) and rookie goalkeeper Vu Tuyen. Quang due to have been replaced by Dang Van Lam.

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