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Hai Phong female student has 3 bloodlines and looks like a beauty queen

(Dan Tri) – Possessing three Vietnamese – Chinese – Ukrainian bloodlines, Luu Diem Huong Maia has been noticed by many people thanks to her impressive hybrid beauty.

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Luu Diem Huong Maia is beautiful and graceful in traditional Vietnamese ao dai.

Luu Diem Huong Maia (Maia Luu) was born in 2006, currently a student at Ngo Quyen High School, Hai Phong. Maia has a tall, slender figure, white skin, chestnut hair, deep eyes and a high straight nose. Recently, Maia won the 3rd prize of the contest “The face of Ngo Quyen High School, Hai Phong” convincingly.

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Impressive with her hybrid beauty, Maia won the 3rd prize in the competition of Ngo Quyen High School Face, Hai Phong.

The female student said: “My mother is Ukrainian, my father is Vietnamese. I have 3 bloodlines: Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Chinese, so I have a slightly different appearance compared to my peers. Really. I am also extremely excited, sharing the culture of my country, being loved by everyone or being run around by children and greeted with shy and curious waves. things have gone too far…

When I go with my mother, sometimes both children and adults scream: “There’s Tay Ngo”, “speak ill of him to see if he understands”…, then just whisper and comment. Although it was very sad at the time, but I am always proud of my family background, and because I was raised in a multicultural environment.”

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Maia is a multi-talented female student who has made her mark in many sports, arts and extracurricular activities.

Maia Luu’s achievements:

Achieved the title of Excellent Student for 9 consecutive years

Being a member of Voices of Bonnal

Member of School Volleyball Club

Art Club member

Member of Executive Board of Ngo Quyen High School Career Club

3rd Prize in Ngo Quyen Face Contest

Gold Medal Aerobic Gymnastics National and City Level

Image Ambassador of the Future Passport project and Artaholic Club’s “Touch” project.

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Maia affirms that she is proud to have grown up in a multicultural environment.

When asked about the reason for participating in many activities spanning sports and arts, Maia confessed that she has been very active in those fields since childhood, and thanks to her mother’s help in training, these activities have been successful. become strengths and passions. Experiencing a lot is also how Maia learns what strengths and weaknesses she has and from there orient herself in the most clear way.

“Despite being commented on as energetic, agile and experienced, I myself still have many shortcomings and need to continuously learn. Everything I will try to do to the end. I am quite serious at work so However, I don’t think there is a perfect individual, so I pursue a positive, healthy lifestyle as much as possible, avoiding the envy of negative and important people. especially to learn about self-worth and give back to the community”, Maia confided.

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Maia hopes to become a fashion designer in the future.

She pursues the vintage and minimalist style, because she feels it fits her dynamic personality and pace of life. The 16-year-old female student also affirmed that appearance is important for young people today, besides other factors such as knowledge and health. “Since childhood, I have practiced Aerobic Gymnastics and have a passion for many sports, so thanks to that, I have a scientific diet, and at the same time keep in shape without having to diet too hard.

I think good looks help people to be more confident and love themselves. Possessing a healthy appearance is also a sign of good health and is an agile, positive person. But not because of the imposed standards of appearance that we should lose ourselves, trying to forcefully harm our own health,” Maia affirmed.

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