Haunting image, is a new criminal “entering the profession” but not young and green at all

Recently, Warner Bros. posted a cut segment in The Batman with a duration of more than 5 minutes, officially revealing a new image of the Joker played by Barry Keoghan. This has clearly satisfied many fans after the “tease” of DC’s Prince of Crime was not enough in the official release.

However, behind those exciting moments is a series of new questions related to this character: Where did the Joker in The Batman cinematic universe come from? Why did he turn into a crazy clown and get imprisoned in Arkham? How many times have he and Batman encountered each other and under what circumstances? All will probably only be answered in detail in future DC Films projects.

Here’s everything we know about the Joker at the moment.

Joker’s new look: A face covered with horrible scars and a weird smile that never goes away

What's interesting about The Batman's Joker: Haunting shape, a new criminal

Although the angle in the premiere seems to tease the audience, we can easily recognize the Joker’s blurred face covered with intricate scars. And the newly released cut confirms that, showing us more clearly the hauntingly disfigured face of this villain.

Previously, director Matt Reeves shared that Joker in his work had a congenital mental illness, making him unable to stop laughing. The fact that the mouth muscles have to constantly move and widen for many years has made the skin around the Joker’s mouth become more wrinkled, distorted, and scarier, especially when combined with the scars. other scars.

In addition, the cut segment also shows that Joker has an extremely “convex” skin, deformed into many blisters and has an unpleasant pale color. Although Matt shared that this version of Joker has never been subjected to any chemical effects, the new look suggests that he may have had an accident with acid, causing his skin to become wrinkled and full of scars. burn scars.

What's interesting about The Batman's Joker: Haunting shape, a new criminal

Joker’s mouth area is wrinkled and scarred when he has to smile continuously for many years because of a monstrous congenital disease.

The most important point in Joker’s appearance this time is not his wide smile, but the large scar on the back of his head. This is the detail that helps us identify Barry Keoghan’s version of Joker, which was inspired by the comic book “Death of the Family”, when he tried to change the flesh of his face. .

Matt Reeves also revealed that Joker was once ostracized because of his strange appearance and illness that made him unable to stop laughing. Therefore, it is possible that in the past, he tried to perform plastic surgery using toxic chemicals, in the hope of changing his life and not being stigmatized by society. However, the incident happened and ruined his appearance, leaving many injuries that never healed such as: blistered face, entangled scars and sparse hair and many large bald patches.

Finally, if you pay close attention in the cut, when Joker receives the file from Batman, you can see that his hands are not completely healed but are full of blisters. At present, it is difficult to determine the cause of this condition. It could be the result of the above plastic surgery, or the result after Joker fell into the chemical tank at the ACE factory (although Matt has not confirmed it), or because he tortured himself when locked in Arkham.

Why is Joker locked in Arkham?

What's interesting about The Batman's Joker: Haunting shape, a new criminal

The cut not only reveals the first images of Joker, but also shows him confronting Batman about a year ago and eventually being imprisoned in Arkham. The Batman has confirmed that Bruce Wayne has only stepped into the superhero career for about 2 years. Therefore, it is possible that Joker is the first big achievement he achieved in Gotham City.

This cut does not specify the crime that Joker commits, but he certainly has committed extremely barbaric, terrible and somewhat perverted plots. That’s why Batman decided to bring documents related to Riddler’s cases to consult with him. He said he was dealing with a serial killer, and wanted Joker to help him grasp his thoughts. Therefore, it is not excluded that the previous crime Prince of DC has also committed similar crimes and repeatedly committed horrific murders in Gotham.

What's interesting about The Batman's Joker: Haunting shape, a new criminal

Joker was also a scary serial killer until Batman stopped and imprisoned him in Arkham?

DC fans all know that the Joker is not a “passenger villain” in Batman’s career. The hostile relationship between these two characters continuously extends through many different storylines. And although they have only known each other for about a year in The Batman, it seems that the two have encountered and understood each other’s nature many times. It is not surprising if the chase between Batman and Joker will continue in the future, after the crazy clown escapes from prison and continues to terrorize Gotham City.

Batman and Joker have always been described as two sides of the same coin, because the two are sworn enemies, but understand each other better than any close friend. And The Batman has done this very well in just 1 scene lasting more than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, that scene was cut from the premiere, and Joker only appeared faintly in the final seconds.

Joker’s influence in The Batman universe

What's interesting about The Batman's Joker: Haunting shape, a new criminal

Just like Bruce Wayne has only been Batman for two years, Joker has only just entered the sinful path for a very short time. Sharing with IGN, director Matt Reeves said that the new version of Crime Prince played by Barry Keoghan can be considered “pre-Joker”, meaning Joker before becoming the true Joker. In the newly released cut, the name Joker is also not mentioned once.

This means that when the Joker becomes the main villain in future movies, we may no longer see his iconic signature purple outfit. In return, DC Films will have more creative and novel ideas in building its most popular villain.

It is not ruled out that he will use the nickname Red Hood, like in many other comic books, including Detective Comics – the series that brought Batman to readers as a great detective, like the original version. Batman version by Robert Pattinson. In addition, the appearance of Joker makes fans believe that the clown masked gang at the beginning of the movie is the ruin he left before being thrown into Arkham.

Joker certainly won’t stop his crimes. That’s why he decided to befriend Riddler, and possibly the other prisoners in Arkham, to break out of prison together and take revenge on Batman. He may not have become a complete Joker like many previous versions, but his violent personality and ruthlessness are clearly starting to form inside him, just waiting for the day to be revealed on the big screen.

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