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‘I made 10 dong, I brought 8 dong to my wife’

Appear in the show Autobiographical WordsSinger Vu Ha attracts the audience by his sincere but witty experiences, true to his personality.

Singer Vu Ha: 'If I make 10 dong, I'll give my wife 8 dong' - 1

Vu Ha is a guest in “Confessions”.

In the 1990s, Vu Ha was famous for her Vietnamese foreign-language songs with vibrant, catchy tunes and interesting lyrics. That day he was so expensive that he could buy a few gold trees every 2-3 days. Thanks to the hard work of running the show, now, Vu Ha does not have to worry much about the economy.

About 6-7 years ago, Vu Ha felt that her music career had come to a halt. When there are not many stages to perform, the TV game show has grown tremendously with meticulous and monumental investment, and the male singer is also a bit disappointed. That’s why he wanted to stop singing. However, with the encouragement of close friends like singer Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha no longer wanted to retire.

With no longer at the peak, Vu Ha considers it very normal. He said he is not too delusional, chasing after the glory in art but always attaching importance to real life. On stage, the male singer born in 1969 always brings positive energy to the audience. He likes to wear colorful costumes and comfortably perform exciting songs to bring joy to the audience.

Singer Vu Ha: 'If I make 10 dong, I'll give my wife 8 dong' - 2

Vu Ha is familiar with colorful images.

Returning to everyday life, Vu Ha can completely separate from the stage. He lives a simple life, without clothes and clothes, his hair is too neat every time he goes out. He is also afraid of wearing a suit because it makes him old. Talking about the reason why he always remains dynamic and youthful despite being at the age of U60, Vu Ha humorously said that he has not celebrated his birthday since he was 27 years old.

The attitude of life that is not too high on artistry has also helped the marriage of Vu Ha and his 8-year-old wife to be well maintained for nearly 30 years. He shared: “I’m not staged when I’m with my family. Off the stage, I’m like a normal husband like everyone else. I think the artist world often has broken marriages because when they come home, they don’t. still bring what’s on the stage into everyday life.In the first 1-2 years, they still love each other, they still love each other, they will forgive each other, but after they can’t stand those temperaments, the marriage will fall apart.

So I have no secret. When I get home, I still cook, clean, and even argue with my wife (laughs). If marriage is required to sparkle like on stage, it will not be sustainable. Should know how to reconcile everything, reduce redundant details, look at yourself less and compare with others so that the family is always in harmony.“, Vu Ha confided.

Singer Vu Ha: 'If I make 10 dong, I'll give my wife 8 dong' - 3

Nearly 30 years of living together, although there are no children, Vu Ha’s marriage is still very happy.

In addition, he also adheres to the concept of “bringing money back to his wife”: “From the beginning, I made 10 dong, then 8 dong was brought back to my wife, I only needed 2 dong. I’m used to it. In the past, I only had two or three hundred thousand in my pocket, but one day a day. I had a broken wheel and had to fix all 1 million. Since then, the amount in my wallet has been upgraded to 1 million dong.”

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