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If you want to be pure or sexy, you will “weigh” everything, the more you look at it, the more you will vomit until your wedding day

Just a few more days, Son Ye Jin will officially put on a wedding dress, become the new bride and hold hands with actor Hyun Bin to continue the journey ahead. One of the things that people are most looking forward to is the wedding dress that Son Ye Jin will wear that day. Up to now, there is no “hint”, so the curiosity is pushed higher. While waiting for the “wedding of the century”, let’s look back at the times Son Ye Jin made people flutter when wearing a white dress.

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One of the most impressive images of Son Ye Jin’s red carpet career: a white dress with a bust, off-shoulder, and low bun. The detail of the bust perfectly completes the task of exalting the actress’s feminine curves. Not wearing fancy necklaces or earrings is a carefully calculated step, all of which is minimalist so that the audience can fully admire the escapist beauty of Son Ye Jin.

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Not only does this dress split in the front, this dress also has a deep split at the back, helping Son Ye Jin at the same time show off her bust and ivory back. It’s also a low bun but this time Son Ye Jin parted her hair in a side part, giving her a much softer image

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In this dress, instead of showing off her bare back, she made a mark with a criss-crossed shirt line, showing an underground way. Despite the deep cut designs, Son Ye Jin still manages to reconcile the femininity and sweetness by choosing materials. Most of the dresses Son Ye Jin wears are light and graceful

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This rhinestone design is almost like a wedding dress, right?

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Over the years, Son Ye Jin has never disappointed the public with her elegant and polite fashion style

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Or maybe she will choose a creamy white instead of pure white? Thinking of the scene seeing the bride Son Ye Jin is restless. Let’s make an appointment to wait for the 31st to come quickly!

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