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It hurts to read the wife’s message about her mother-in-law

My mother is 76 years old, hardworking, not afraid to work despite her weak health.

Since my father’s death, my mother has gone to the city to help my wife and I care for our grandchildren, and it took 10 years to pass. Even though we weren’t very successful, we were all able to keep our mother’s life comfortable. In the mother’s mind, she still has strength, and if she can work, she will help her children and grandchildren. On weekdays, the couple would go to work, and at night, their mother would take care of the food and clean the house. During the social distancing period, the children don’t go to school, thanks to my mother, my wife and I don’t have to worry. However, I accidentally read a text message from my wife to her relatives, which contained a sentence that made me very sad: “My whole heart is angry, I look very good at work, I am crazy at home serving but my head is crazy. terrible, lying down waiting to be served. Yet mother and son keep calling him happy. Tomorrow, he will not cook at all, let him and his children do it themselves. Hate him bitter.”

I find cooking at home for 5 people not a lot of work. I also help clean the house, clean the house; One day, I thought my wife was tired, so I asked my mother to cook, but it turned out that my wife was jealous and divided the work. While my mother thought there was nothing to do, she could cook herself. I dared not discuss this with anyone, afraid that they would laugh, afraid that my brothers would know that they would definitely not let my mother live with me and my wife. My mother in the countryside also has a decent house, she is going back to her hometown and is very sad. So many thoughts in my head with no answers. My wife only sees my mother as an unpaid maid? Why didn’t the wife’s relatives give advice when they heard this? My mother is healthy and his wife has treated me like that, how will an old and frail woman live with her daughter-in-law in the future? Hope you guys can give me some advice, now I don’t know what to do? Sincere thanks.


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