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‘Kill Heel’ exploits elite combat

“Kill Heel” explores the struggle for power of high-class women.

The drama, which aired its first episode on March 9 on tvN, tells the story of the power struggle of three women in an online sales group. This work is directed by Noh Do Chul, written by Shin Kwang Ho and Lee Chun Woo, bringing together the cast of Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young and Kim Sung Ryung.

'Kill Heel' movie teaser

“Kill Heel” movie teaser. Videos: YouTube tvN

Kim Ha Neul plays Woo Hyun – who won the outstanding MC award of the TV Home Shopping group UNI. Woo Hyun was praised for his ability to help many products sell well. However, a broadcast incident occurs, causing Woo Hyun’s reputation to decline, and his colleagues hate him. From a fashion channel MC, Woo Hyun was pushed to host a program that sells toilet paper. Her marriage ran aground when there was a conflict with her husband and mother-in-law.

Kim Sung Ryung plays Ok Sun – the company’s number one emcee after Woo Hyun’s decline. Ok Sun has the perfect life: from an upscale background, a successful career, a lovable coworker, a perfect home – the complete opposite of Woo Hyun. Lee Hye Young plays Mo Ran, a woman from a modest family who rises to the position of CEO of UNI Home Shopping thanks to her cunning and ambition.

Kim Ha Neul plays Woo Hyun - a character who is on the verge of making a career.  Photo: tvN

Kim Ha Neul plays Woo Hyun – a character who is on the verge of making a career. Photo: tvN

Based on Naver, the story of the three main characters “thrilling from the start”. Three women with different backgrounds and lifestyles, but with the same ambition. Woo Hyun stands on the verge of failure, Mo Ran devises a dangerous plan, Ok Sun hides many secrets. The film takes high heels as a symbol of the three main characters. Each shoe color represents a person’s personality, how they compete, and what they can do to achieve power.

Kim Sung Ryung plays Ok Sun.  Photo: tvN

Kim Sung Ryung plays Ok Sun. Photo: tvN

Elite life is not a new topic but Kill Heels there is a difference when it comes to online shopping which is popular in Korea. The film provides a realistic view of the world behind the camera, hidden angles of flashy and lively TV shows. In addition, this work was judged for its beautiful fashion, luxurious setting, and fast film circuit, according to Hankookilbo.

Viewers said they were excited to witness an acting competition between veteran and experienced names. This film marks the return Kim Ha Neul from 18 years from now 2018. This work is the actor’s first sensational and dramatic project after many romantic comedies. Kim Sung Ryung is famous as “Kim Tan’s mother” from drama Heir cult. Lee Hye Young – actress who played 70s fashion, Meteor Garden, Lawless Lawyer… – reuniting audiences after two years of absence from the small screen.

Lee Hye Young plays Mo Ran.  Photo: tvN

Lee Hye Young plays Mo Ran. Photo: tvN

On Indonesiasome suggest that Kill Heels There has been no significant breakthrough compared to the high-end fighting film series. “Lots of psychologically heavy scenes, it’s hard to keep the audience going,” said user Minju. The job is expected to be a serious opponent of Thirty-nine when the same time slot goes live, but quickly lags behind. According to Niesel Korea, the drama’s ratings are dropping with each episode. The first episode recorded 4.4%, the latest episode on March 23 dropped to 2.3% – the lowest rating of the drama so far.

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