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Let Jisoo show you that the majority isn’t always right through these two styles of pants

Wide-leg pants are always the first choice for those who want to “hack their feet”, cover up the disadvantages that make themselves less confident. However, not what many people aim for is the best. Jisoo is the clearest proof. The wide-leg pants style in fact drowned Jisoo’s figure many times, while skinny jeans, which are the “evil” of the vast majority of women, helped BLACKPINK’s eldest sister completely respect her figure.

It is easy to see that wide-leg pants are not the best choice for Jisoo to upgrade her style. Part of the reason why Jisoo is so unattractive in wearing wide leg pants comes from her physical characteristics. She has a large upper body frame, but does not have the advantage of height, so wearing this style of pants increases the width, and also causes more flaring and less elegant.

Not only jeans, Jisoo’s wide-leg trousers are also really unattractive. Wearing wide leg pants, Jisoo lost her usual elegant and feminine look

In contrast, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister shines with skinny jeans. This is the most picky pants style because of its tight shape, how many features in the legs and hips will be evident. If height and upper body are a disadvantage, then the wide hips and toned and plump legs are Jisoo’s biggest advantages, helping her to completely conquer skinny jeans.

Even low-rise skinny jeans do not hurt BLACKPINK’s eldest sister. Not only skinny jeans, Jisoo’s figure is also suitable for wearing tight leather pants, which is also a much harder item to wear than skinny jeans.

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