Nguyen Phuong Hang fantasizes about strength, chooses the outcome by herself

The acclaim of a large part of the public gave Phuong Hang the illusion of strength, leading to arbitrariness and disregard for moral and legal standards.

On March 24, Ho Chi Minh City Police issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused, and order her to be detained. Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company) on the crime of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, and the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals according to Article 331 of the 2015 Penal Code.

The news that Ms. Hang was arrested caused a stir in public opinion. Because over the past year, Ms. Hang has been a controversial social network phenomenon, with many statements that directly affect many individuals.

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Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang at the investigation agency. Photo: CACC

Dr., Lieutenant Colonel Dao Trung Hieu, a specialist in criminology, shared some opinions about Hang’s application of the above-mentioned procedural measures.

“First of all, Ms. Hang is someone I have a little sympathy for, because of her positive charitable and humanitarian works in recent years as well as her family’s. However, from the perspective of this case, I think that the risk of Ms. Hang being criminally handled already exists after what she published on social networks was concluded by the authorities as unfounded.“- said Lieutenant Colonel Hieu.

According to him, in the past few years, Ms. Hang’s wrongly denouncing some people has caused strong social effects on unofficial media, causing a stir in public opinion and authorities in many provinces and cities. It took a lot of effort to investigate and verify.

At first, many people felt attracted and interested in the strange information that Mrs. Hang gave, because their curiosity was satisfied. Moreover, the speaker’s point of view creates a sense of standing in the interests of many citizens.

It should be noted that citizens’ right to freedom of speech is protected by the law of our country, recognized in the constitution as a part of human rights. However, how the content and message is given, whether it serves the interests of society, is good for the community or infringes on other agencies, organizations and individuals, must be considered.

Observing Mrs. Hang’s statement during the whole process, it is easy to see that at first she spoke at an acceptable level, such as talking about dreams. The allusion does not directly infringe upon the honor and dignity of the person in question.

But later on, seemingly hallucinating by the cheers of the online community, she enthusiastically “exploded” many people with inappropriate language, making the target feel hurt. Without stopping before the warnings, she continued to push the story too far, with quite specific allegations, with a personal color of accusations.

“Listening to her on the livestream, I have the feeling that she is giving herself the position of the judge, the world of heaven” – shared the lieutenant colonel.

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Doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Dao Trung Hieu. Photo: NVCC

According to Mr. Hieu, statements that do not follow cultural and ethical criteria, with a good mood, including superiors, or spiteful disparagement… have caused a rather heavy atmosphere in activities on social networks. .

Many people, from supporters of boldly voicing the initial denunciation, felt that Ms. Hang had exceeded the permissible limit of freedom of expression.

It seems that the acclaim of a large part of the public has led to her illusion of power, leading to arbitrariness, disregard for moral and legal standards.

The accusation of other people with “real” numbers, seemingly real events, has pushed the accused to be suspicious of the society and difficult to explain, seriously affecting the honor and dignity of the accused. surname. At the same time creating a bad trend in communication in cyberspace.

“Many people have told me that the children in the family have absorbed the habit of stinging, cornering, killing, denigrating other people’s values ​​after being carried away by this woman’s statement. It’s one of the cultural consequences.” he said.

According to the lieutenant colonel, when Ms. Hang named some people embezzling charity money, with quite specific numbers on livestreams, he thought of the possibility that she would be criminally handled, if those charges was determined to be unfounded. So far, everything has gone according to this prediction. Accused persons have the right to speak out and demand a vindication from law enforcement agencies.

Assessing the crime that Ms. Hang was prosecuted for, Lieutenant Colonel Hieu found “adequate”. He said the story may not end with this crime if the investigation results determine that the litigant has other violations that warrant criminal prosecution.

Immediately after the news of Ms. Hang’s arrest, a friend told me that “she chose this outcome for herself, it seems that she forced the law to show her the limits of her freedom”.

“Perhaps the law enforcement agencies gave her too many opportunities to stop, but she did not choose the best option for her. So this outcome is inevitable when a person allows himself the right to freedom. own freedom tramples on the freedom of others.” – Mr. Hieu said.

Ms. Hang does not cooperate, disregards the law

According to the police, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang took advantage of her influence, used the functions of social networks on the internet, and organized many live broadcasts of unverified information related to her life. other people’s private interests; in which use insulting words, insulting the honor and dignity of others.

During the investigation, Ms. Hang did not cooperate, disregarded the law, many times organized many people to go to the private houses of individuals with conflicts, causing insecurity and disorder in Ho Chi Minh City and other locations. other side.

According to the Law of Ho Chi Minh City

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