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‘Parents should learn to understand Gen Z’

According to Dr. Dao Minh Hong, parenting is also a profession, so continuous learning is needed to respond to the changing needs and habits of Gen Z.

With the experience of parents of three Generation Z children, Dr. Dao Minh Hong – Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics and Finance (UEF) said that when he was a child, he accompanied him. each other’s little friends; When you grow up, he accompanies you like an adult. “To do this, I had to read a lot of books to understand the pattern of teenage rebellion,” he said.

According to doctors, parents should learn how to be wise parents in the most pleasant and enjoyable way for themselves and for all involved. Learning will give parents the opportunity to understand themselves, as well as their desires or pressures on themselves and their children – if necessary, improve, if not, adjust.

Parents also need to read a lot to better understand the psychophysiological characteristics of their children’s age and life, taking time to talk and listen; Stop comparing your child to “other people’s children.”

According to Dr.  Dao Minh Hong.

According to Dr. Dao Minh Hong.

Let your child freely express their emotions, when angry let them scream, even kick their shoes… to relieve stress. “Don’t tell your child to hold back. Freedom of expression will help you to let go. Above all, let your child be himself with all that he hasn’t perfected”, Dr. To share.

Parents also do not place the responsibility on their children, the more responsibility parents give them, the more difficult it is for their children to be independent and independent. For example, sayings like “you must study well” are a responsibility, “your child is not stupid” is also a responsibility …

“Instead of educating in an authoritarian, imposing, overly liberal or irresponsible way; overindulgence or lack of guidance, parents must learn and update their knowledge and skills to educate in the right way with the psychophysiological characteristics of each young individual”, said Dr. Hong. This requires parents to spend a lot of time because this is not natural.

In terms of parents and schools, said Dr., parents should view their children’s school life with respect, sharing and shared responsibility. There is a relationship between children with friends, with teachers. Parents need to calm down to see things from a multi-dimensional perspective. Think of the school as a miniature community, with many members and diverse activities. There, students and all members need to be understood, respected, safe and valued… not just students.

“As a parent, I am very grateful to the school, for the time my children go to school, I will have time to rest, have time to watch and reflect on myself; apart from work, other relationships. ..”, said dr. On the other hand, children go to school not only to learn knowledge, but also to reveal themselves most clearly – revealing aspects that if at home, children can be hidden and parents have almost no complete picture of the child. -their children.

“My third friend at home didn’t say anything, but at school, she was in a hip-hop dance club, and was very confident when giving public presentations”, Dr. citing his own case.

He cites the saying that “raising children is a village duty”. Good community, healthy family environment are good conditions for children to develop. “Don’t just ‘thank me’, quietly observe and share with your children, because children have their own suffering, and they need understanding, sharing, need connection in love. love of teachers, friends and parents” , added dr. .


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