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Rare meteorite flying across Canadian skies

Many people had the opportunity to observe and record a basketball-sized meteor that lit up the Canadian skies on March 24.

Rare meteorite flying across Canadian skies

Bright meteorite flying over Winnipeg. Videos: Alix and Jason Cruickshank

The American Meteor Society received reports of a fireball appearing over Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan at 2:46 a.m. local time on March 24 from 95 residents. Scott Young, planetary astronomer at the Manitoba Museum, said it was the second meteor to pass through the region in recent days.

According to Young, the two objects looked like bolides, a rare version that was larger and brighter than a regular meteorite. Every day, several bolide meteorites hit Earth, but most are not observed because they fall over the ocean or are covered by clouds. “These objects are very special in both brightness and size. They are larger than many ordinary meteorites. Each bolide can be as large as a basketball. It is difficult to identify them until we analyze all of the videos,” Young said.

Since the two meteors fell within a day, astronomers are unsure whether the two were related or just happened by chance at the same time. Young said it was possible some of the meteorite shards would fall to the ground. That’s why eyewitness videos are so helpful as they help experts determine flight paths and narrow down the search for debris.

Of the 95 witnesses, 8 people submitted video footage of the incident to AMS. The meteorite flew east towards Ontario. A video by Alix and Jason Cruickshank captures the meteor lighting up the sky over Winnipeg.

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