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Read the language of “closing sales” of real estate people to get rid of the “chicken” association

Real estate is one of the “hot hit” industries today and brings a lot of profit to investors if they know how to take advantage of the opportunity. Because it is a promising industry with high income, real estate sales are ranked in the list of hot occupations, attracting a large number of young people to participate today. The job of daily sales will be to collect, analyze, research and continuously update information about real estate projects daily, supplement the list of customers every day, make phone calls, meet with customer consultants. row,…

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In one way or another, real estate salespeople must close the plot of land to receive a commission. In fact, because their fixed salary is not high and only fluctuates in the range of 3 – 5 million VND/month. However, in return, they enjoy an attractive commission if the transaction is successful. Therefore, whether the salary of a real estate agent is high or low depends largely on the sales capacity and the closing commission. Therefore, sometimes this month you earn up to a hundred million, but the following months there is no revenue is also common.

It is not uncommon to come across a few languages ​​that real estate sales people often use. It may be a funny saying, but investors, or newcomers to the field of real estate trading need to be careful because it can also be a “trick”.

Here are a few languages ​​specifically for real estate sales people that customers need to pay attention to to avoid being chased by chickens:

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The post received a lot of interaction and joking comments from the online community. Although humorous, it is also a word of caution for those who intend to buy and sell real estate. Real estate investment can help investors get rich quickly, but it can also push them into the abyss, so learn carefully before closing the lot!

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