Samsung employees accused of stealing and selling company trade secrets

According to information from KoreaJoongAngDaily, an employee of Samsung Electronics has been found to illegally store some data that is considered a trade secret that the company protects. The employee took pictures of the data while working from home and made money from this data, it is known that this employee has been arranged by Samsung to quit in the near future.

Samsung employees are accused of stealing and selling the company's trade secrets - Photo 1.

Samsung has confirmed the incident, but it has yet to disclose the magnitude of the stolen data. Some of the information is said to be related to the chip manufacturing business, specifically about the company’s 3 nm and 5 nm manufacturing processes.

Samsung Electronics has faced a case data breach quite large not long ago, hackers stole several hundred gigabytes of data from the company. However, it was one of the rare cases where an outside agent compromised Samsung’s system. Usually, the data is stolen by employees who are greedy, or disgruntled with the company.

The problem of employees stealing and selling data got so bad that Samsung had to put in place specific regulations regarding Chinese firms, some of which are said to have enticed Samsung/LG employees with malicious tricks. money or favor in exchange for a trade secret.

Reference: Sammobile

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