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She asked for a car of 20 billion, 6 years later he “flyed” out of the top of the rich

Love story “out of phase” of the giants and long legs

At the end of 2016, the media was shocked when the Vietnamese-born billionaire, Mr. Hoang Kieu, publicly announced his love for lingerie queen Ngoc Trinh. Despite public opinion, the two had a turbulent love story.

The public relationship was less than 3 months old, but it took a lot of ink and paper from the press. Almost 6 years have passed, but that 72-27 year old love story is still mentioned by many people.

Giant 72 loves long legs 27: She asked for a car of 20 billion, 6 years later he flew out of the top rich - Photo 1.

The two fell in love from the time Ngoc Trinh went to Las Vegas to judge the Miss contest. It was around mid-November 2016. Through the matchmaking of billionaire Hoang Kieu’s daughter-in-law, he fell in love with Ngoc Trinh from the moment he saw the photo, then actively contacted and received the “green light” of the beauty.

At the time of falling in love with the long-legged girl famous for the phrase “thi phi”, the billionaire’s career was on the cusp of peaking. A year earlier, he announced that he owned $ 3.4 billion, ranked 149/400 in the top richest people in America.

After openly falling in love with Ngoc Trinh, Hoang Kieu did not hesitate to show off happy moments with the beautiful Tra Vinh origin on social networks, such as planes, luxury cars, and shuttles to foreign travel such as going to the market. The billionaire had “more than 80 beautiful people passed away” and seriously introduced her to family members, partners and friends.

Giant 72 loves long legs 27: She demanded a 20 billion car, 6 years later he flew out of the top rich - Photo 2.

The Vietnamese-born billionaire introduces his 45-year-old girlfriend to his partners and friends

He also confided that even though there were so many women, he only loved 3 of them. Among them, Ngoc Trinh is the third person that he loves dearly. Loving each other for less than 2 months, billionaire 72 firmly announced his long-term plan with the beauty and the two will have 2 children.

Farewell in the noise, the Vietnamese-born giant dropped the billionaire radio

On the way to happiness, on January 22, 2017, on the fanpage of billionaire Hoang Kieu, he officially announced “everyone’s way” with the queen of lingerie. He claimed Ngoc Trinh was not worthy of his love.

More shocking when the billionaire revealed the reason for “kicking” the younger beauty. He implied that Ngoc Trinh only considered himself temporary love and “having a second and third lover while in love“And yet there was an interview, he said angrily: “She told me: ‘You need to ride a 20 billion car’, I already know“. He also declared, from now on, no one should mention Ngoc Trinh in front of him anymore.

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Couple 72-27 does not hesitate to share intimate photos at a passionate time

The billionaire also shocked when he brought the “sensitive” story to his ex-lover for an interview. Although he explained many times about this delicate phrase, he still received many criticisms from the public.

After the “whirlwind love story”, the two seem to be more secretive in their love affairs. As for the beauty of Tra Vinh origin, she is still the hottest name in showbiz. Currently, she is the female CEO of a cosmetics company, leading a rich life famous for her clip breaking branded boxes.

Looking back at the Vietnamese-born giant, the value of his property is decreasing over time. Specifically, in March 2016, Forbes recorded that Mr. Hoang Kieu was holding 3.5 billion USD. In October 2016, his fortune “evaporated” $ 400 million. In 2018, having spent 2 billion USD, billionaire Hoang Kieu fell out of the richest group in the US.

Giant 72 loves long legs 27: She demanded a 20 billion car, 6 years later he flew out of the top rich - Photo 4.

Billionaire Hoang Kieu once had a “scandalous” love affair with Vietnamese showbiz legs

In September 2019, he suddenly “claimed” to adopt 23 adopted children of ci61 singer Phi Nhung. This information has been of public interest. At the same time, Hoang Kieu also revealed his debt. The amount of debt is up to 3 billion USD (equivalent to more than 68,280 billion VND) and he admits he has dropped the billionaire station.

After that, he again attracted attention when he posted an advertisement to find a caregiver and cook with a salary of $35,000 (equivalent to nearly 800 million VND) with the requirement of being 35-50 years old, polite, clean, and loving children. and live in the US.

Up to now, the billionaire’s personal page seems to have been quiet, mainly he posts entertainment and business minutes.

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