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Singer Khanh Linh sobs and misses her brother

One week since musician Ngoc Chau passed away, singer Independence flexible – his sister suddenly appeared on the show Happy lunch March 25th.

Khanh Linh cried and missed her brother: 'Without Ngoc Chau, there would be no me today' - Photo 1.

At the show, the female singer shared many memories and looked back at the pictures of her brother during his lifetime.

“The first time I was able to sing Chau’s song was Miss today. Thanks to the song in the movie The story of the Moc house that everyone knows the name Independence flexible. It can be said that without Mr. Chau, there would be no Linh like now.” Independence flexible recounted.

Khanh Linh cried and missed her brother: 'Without Ngoc Chau, there would be no me today' - Photo 2.

When Khanh Linh first debuted, there were many record labels that offered to cooperate, but musician Ngoc Chau did not agree. The female musician recalls: “I was young at that time and had just attended the intermediate level conservatory, so my family wanted me to study. Sustainability in the study path will be better because everyone in my family is very difficult, I am not an exception. It was a very right decision for me to take a firm step until now.”

With vocals Noon dream, musician Ngoc Chau is not only an older brother but also an important teacher on his career path. After many years of working independently, each finished product she shows off to her brother. “Anh Chau is like a fulcrum, a person who will give me a lot of views and thoughts to help me improve,” the singer said.

Looking back at the last images of musician Ngoc Chau on VTV, Khanh Linh had tears in her eyes but tried to hold back her emotions to continue sharing.

Remembering her brother, she choked, wiped her tears and sang Something that can’t be lost. “This is a song with a lot of emotions, because Chau wrote this song on his birthday and dedicated it to his mother. And mom is the one who writes the lyrics. It’s really meaningful, so I want to sing this song on behalf of my brother to send it to my mother so that she can feel how much his love is for her,” Khanh Linh confided.

Moments of music and songs Something that can’t be lost resounded, tears were constantly rolling down the female singer’s cheeks.

Musician Ngoc Chau died suddenly on March 17, 2022 from heart failure. Khanh Linh’s sister was heartbroken and cried during the funeral. She said goodbye on behalf of her family to her brother leaving the temporary world: Touched by Khanh Linh’s love for her brother, many viewers left a message: “Watching Khanh Linh sing while crying, I also shed tears. eye follow! Ngoc Chau’s songs are my whole childhood! Surely many generations will not forget musician Ngoc Chau as well as singer Khanh Linh”, “Singing about my mother makes me want to cry, let alone in that situation. Wishing you and Uncle Vu Dau strong, overcome this difficult period and firmly believe “goodbye, we will meet again on a happy day”!”…

“My brother – Musician Ngoc Chau was born in autumn, the most beautiful season of Hanoi, perhaps so his heart always resounds with clear and romantic sounds. He chooses his own corners – quiet – simple and warm. He and his colleagues have devoted a lot to the Vietnamese music industry.

Khanh Linh cried and missed her brother: 'Without Ngoc Chau, there would be no me today' - Photo 3.

Musician Ngoc Chau died of heart failure, causing relatives, colleagues, and the audience to mourn

Khanh Linh cried and missed her brother: 'Without Ngoc Chau, there would be no me today' - Photo 4.

Khanh Linh and brother Ngoc Chau

I am a younger sister, but also the next generation, built by him, cultivated his knowledge and most of all, he gave me the words he wanted to say through his works. Personally, I would like to express my deep gratitude and admiration to my brother who dedicated his life to music…

For me, youth is forever, for you and Mother Rooster is a glittery pearl. As a goodbye: Say goodbye and see you on a happy day, Pham Ngoc Chau!”.

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