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Soon to announce the regulations to ensure the interests of candidates

The Ministry of Education and Training (Education and Training) said, basically, the plan College entrance In 2022, the enrollment method will be stable as last year and only technically adjusted. However, according to university leaders, even though only the technical changes are changed, the expected changes in the 2022 enrollment season still have a great impact on candidates and schools, so it is necessary to announce the regulations soon. enrollment so that schools and candidates can grasp information and have specific plans.

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Expected changes in the enrollment season in 2022 still have a great impact on candidates and schools. (Illustration)

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, the innovation policy in university enrollment in 2022 is to continue to apply information technology to create more favorable conditions for candidates and universities while minimizing paperwork. .

Specifically, basic adjustments such as completely shifting the application for admission to the online form on the Ministry’s Portal or the National Public Service Portal instead of combining directly and online as in 2021; the registration time is after the high school graduation exam score instead of before the exam like every year; running common virtual filtering software for all enrollment methods instead of only applying for admission based on high school graduation exam scores as before; High schools update students’ academic records for grades 10, 11, 12 on the common system…

These proposed adjustments have received consensus from many universities because they will reduce the paperwork for candidates and facilitate the schools when applying for admission.

Pham Van Cuong, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture said:The use of the same software by the Ministry of Education and Training so that candidates can register together, apply for admission, and filter together is necessary for both candidates to choose the right learning aspirations of their students, as well as for training institutions to reduce the load in the virtual filter as specified. This year, the Ministry also provided the results of the high school exams, the results of the school records, both methods we can use the virtual filter results, so it is very useful for schools, especially during the current epidemic. now on”.

Expressing basic agreement with the direction of adjustment in enrollment in 2022 of the Ministry of Education and Training, Mr. Bui Duc Trieu, Head of Training Management Department of National Economics University, also said that the innovations will give rise to many Related issues, including the use of virtual filtering software common to all recruitment methods:

“Schools have their own methods. I’m still very confused as to how we will generalize the virtual filter. Because the admissions process is quite diverse, multi-aspirational, multi-objective. Now, you only have one left. Once you place your wish, you will be selected once. For example, in the past, if you passed 3-4 schools, which school would you choose. However, the choice of candidates is something we also wonder about.”

Some comments also said that, although the Ministry of Education and Training only changes in terms of technology, it will also have a great impact on candidates and schools. Therefore, the early announcement of the enrollment regulations in 2022 also helps schools to best advise candidates when applying for admission.

In response to these comments, the Ministry of Education and Training said that it will urgently complete the draft of the 2022 enrollment regulation for consultation before officially issuing it. When developing the draft, the Ministry will respect the school’s autonomy in enrollment and the candidate’s right to choose, aiming to create the most favorable conditions for both schools and candidates when applying for admission.

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