Standing firm in front of the European “giants”, U23 Vietnam almost made a surprise at the Dubai Cup

U23 Vietnam 0-1 U23 Croatia | Dubai Cup 2022

Despite being “reputed” as a “European giant” in the Dubai Cup, Croatia – the only young European team to attend the tournament in West Asia, uses only the reserve squad of U21, and that is the reason why they lost 0-1 to U23 Japan.

With U23 Vietnamthis is a preparation tournament for the 31st SEA Games, but only with the “second choices” of Mr. Park, because with the U23 + 3 format, more than half of the U23 Vietnam team attending the SEA Games are names the “familiar” age of the Vietnamese team.

That is also the reason why young Vietnamese players play their best in the “pre-SEA Games” tournament. The goalless draw against U23 Iraq is considered a “playable” match of U23 Vietnam, when the opponent is judged to be relatively stronger.

Enter the battle, safety is the top priority. That’s how the Coaching Board “moulded” the players into the mold, instead of letting the young players “stretching”.

Indeed, the fact that U23 Croatia could not concede U23 Vietnam was a great surprise with the overwhelming advantage of the opponent having a distinct advantage in terms of physicality, but when the second half started, that surprise. can be explained by the rigor in terms of playing style of young Vietnamese players.

Unfortunately for the young Vietnamese players, even though they played hard, they lost in a rather “gratuitous” situation. Leon Benka received the ball outside the 16m50 circle, turned to end his left foot too dangerously, sending the ball to the vertical column, making Van Chuan, even though he flew all the way, still could not touch the ball.

This loss is not a disaster at all, but an encouragement for young Vietnamese players when, if they collide a lot with the top teams, they will have great maturity, even without the best players. mutants like Quang Hai, Van Hau or Cong Phuong in the “golden generation” senior.

Score: U23 Vietnam 0-1 U23 Croatia


U23 Vietnam: Van Chuan, Quang Thinh, Nham Manh Dung, Luong Duy Cuong, Phan Tuan Tai, Huynh Cong Den, Van Minh, Huu Thang, Xuan Tu, Ho Thanh Minh, Nguyen Hoang.

Croatia U23: Sentic, Braijkovic, Galesic, Skaricic, Kupresak, Jurisic, Vulikic, Tomek, Matej, Sego, Lausic.


Leon Benka (75′)

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Standing firm in front of the European giants, U23 Vietnam almost made a surprise at the Dubai Cup - Photo 3.

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