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Suggestions for good snacks for you

Low-fat cottage cheese is on the list of healthy snacks. (Photo: Everyday Health)

It’s important to remember that choosing healthy snacks is important because some snacks can provide extra calories or preservatives that can cause your blood sugar to spike and possibly cause a coma.

So, you can choose from healthy snacks from this list:

1. Low-fat cottage cheese

2. A handful of unsalted almonds or pistachios

3. An apple, banana or other fruit

4. Carrots mixed with a few tablespoons of hummus or almond butter

5. Sliced ​​red bell peppers with 3 ounces of guacamole

6. Greek yogurt with half a cup of berries

7. Apple slices and low-sugar peanut butter or almond butter

8. French fries

9. Cherry tomatoes with a slice of mozzarella

10. A boiled egg

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