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Thailand’s oldest sprinter

At dawn, Sawang Janpram stepped out onto the field, ready for the 100-meter sprint that he had been waiting for all this time. Looking at his efforts on the track, few would expect that this year he is 102 years old and is the oldest sprinter to compete at the 26th Thai Sports Festival.

The Games included various competitions such as the 100 meter sprint, long jump, discus and javelin throwing, attracting many age groups to participate.

This year, Sawang Janpram’s time in the 100-meter sprint was 28.07 seconds, surpassing all competitors aged 100-105 and winning the gold medal. This is also a new record for himself during his 4 years of participation in this sporting event.

Thailand's oldest sprinter - Photo 1.

To achieve this achievement, every day, Sawang maintains the habit of walking with his 70-year-old daughter, Siripan, and doing simple housework such as sweeping fallen leaves in the garden.

Before the tournament, he also practiced more intensely twice a day for a week at a local stadium.

Mrs. Siripan Janpram – Sawang Janpram’s daughter shared: “My father always thinks positively and is always in a good mood, so his health and spirit are very good. Physically, he is much healthier than before. . Before playing sports, his hands were shaking, but now it’s gone.”

However, Sawang Janpram said, what makes her even happier when participating in the annual sports festival is the opportunity to meet and make friends. “Coming here, I can meet friends and make friends with people I’ve never met before. It’s a great feeling.”

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