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The biggest risk is not knowing how to take risks

The above message was given by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the final of the 4th contest of students with startup ideas taking place this afternoon (March 26) in Vinh Phuc.

The Prime Minister said that science must come from reality, stick to reality and take practice as a measure to evaluate innovation results. To develop, you must constantly innovate. The spirit of entrepreneurship needs to approach something new that has never happened before, which is becoming a common trend in many countries today. We must calmly and wisely overcome difficult conditions, to create innovation, not lose our temper and hurry. Innovation requires perseverance and perseverance in all circumstances to be effective.

Prime Minister: The biggest risk is not knowing how to take risks - 1

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh

The Party and State always pay attention to the innovation and creativity movement, many guidelines, mechanisms, policies and projects create all favorable conditions for start-ups. The Government also promulgated many policies to encourage the development of the startup ecosystem, including: legal basis, policy mechanisms, finance, incentives, market search, support for individuals, unit in innovation.

In 2021, Vietnam ranked 44th out of 132 countries and economies in terms of global innovation, continuing to hold the top position among 34 low-middle-income countries. The World Bank also rates Vietnam as one of the few East Asian countries investing in innovation, with a higher number of patents than expected. The start-up, innovation and creativity movement is developing strongly, going deeper and more effectively.

However, the Prime Minister said that Vietnam is still a slower starting country in terms of startups, and the startup ecosystem is still far from many countries in the world. The policy mechanism is still inadequate, the legal environment is limited, and there are many obstacles. New startup ecosystems are just taking shape. The quantity and quality of innovative start-up projects, businesses, organizations and individuals are not commensurate with the potential and expectations. The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation has not yet spread strongly to all levels, sectors and people, even among the young generation.

Prime Minister: The biggest risk is not knowing how to take risks - 2

The Prime Minister visited the startup idea booth of the units

The head of the Government emphasized: “In order for the startup movement to move to a new stage higher in both quality and quantity, quickly turning our country into a strong start-up country, we must consider this a central task of the entire government system. governance rather than the task of a particular ministry, department, branch or locality. It is necessary to promote communication on innovation, encourage innovative thinking, and break down prejudices, barriers, and ways of thinking.

On the occasion of the event, the Prime Minister noted a number of contents that need to be implemented in the near future with the Ministry of Education and Training and the Central Youth Union. One is, continue to promote the tradition that Vietnamese people are smart, industrious, creative, brave, dare to face difficulties and challenges to promote innovative start-ups.

“Innovation startups must know how to take risks, the biggest risk is not knowing how to take risks, having not done is afraid of failure, not having failed did not dare to do, must try to avoid this mindset, like Only then can innovation be created”. Prime Minister emphasized.

Two is, make the most of human resources, strongly promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity. Efforts to build an open, real-world, and talented education; raising people’s intellectual level, training human resources, fostering talents.

She is, If you want to have an innovative start-up, you must have an innovative education. Start-up innovation must focus on developing from the root, from the knowledge, skills, qualities and ethics of the people and the young generation of Vietnam.

In fostering the younger generation, it is necessary to take the student as the center, the school as the foundation, the teacher as the driving force. Innovation from way of thinking and doing to content, programs, methods of teaching, imparting knowledge, inspiring, in which theory must be closely linked with practice and practice.

the fourth is, create an environment, attract resources to promote innovation startups. Research, supplement and perfect institutions, have specific mechanisms, policies and programs to support and create conditions for young people, students, students and lecturers to actively participate in innovation activities. creativity and entrepreneurship.

Promote the connection between the state – school – investors on the basis of harmonized benefits, shared risks. Attracting not only from investors, professional investment funds, but also from large corporations, international organizations, individuals and the community.

Year is, promote cooperation, expand domestic and international links and connections. Focusing on scientific research activities, transfer and application of new technologies, suitable for teaching and learning activities. Innovation has a close relationship and relationship between the country and abroad in the context of deep international integration, so there must be solutions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship more and more effectively.

Prime Minister: The biggest risk is not knowing how to take risks - 3

Prime Minister and leaders of ministries and branches inaugurated the National Entrepreneurship Day of students and students 2022

Six isLocalities gradually build ordering mechanism and assign tasks to training institutions, youth unions, women’s unions and other organizations to promote socio-economic development of localities. green and sustainable.

According to the Prime Minister, building an innovative startup ecosystem is a long process. It requires vision, radical solutions, strategy, but not perfectionist, not in a hurry, where to go, sure to get there and must be implemented in a holistic way and also must identify inevitable risks. .

To promote entrepreneurship and innovation, there must be an innovative government, an innovative society, innovative education, innovation in science and technology, and creative, dare-thinking people. , dare to do, dare to face risks for the common good.

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