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The handsome 9x ‘goes against the crowd’ decoding English slang words that attract millions of views

Video: Hoang Tien Dung shares English slang words on social networks

“Woah, love to play, slam or deny…” are words that are often used every day, but when translated into English it is very difficult and cannot be found in English dictionaries. Hoang Tien Dung (SN 1991, in Hanoi) has done the unthinkable, translated into English and disseminated knowledge on social networks, attracting millions of views.

Going against the crowd

Hoang Tien Dung (SN 1991, in Hanoi) is an English teacher specializing in teaching IELTS preparation classes.

Unlike many English teachers in the direction of imparting basic knowledge, Tien Dung chooses to teach new words that are not in the dictionary. “Go against the crowd to be creative, break the rules, boldly go your own way.” Dung said.

Dung said that in Vietnamese many grammatical phenomena are difficult to explain, independent words are meaningless, but when combined, they form meaningful words, or unique regional languages. That is the culture of Vietnam in general and the beauty of the Vietnamese language in particular. However, when translating those special words from Vietnamese to English, sometimes they do not express the correct meaning, losing the original beauty of Vietnamese words.

“In my journey to awaken my English ability, I have encountered many difficulties many times when translating different types of vocabulary and sentences from Vietnamese to English and vice versa. That prompted me to become a dictionary of hot words in English for everyone, especially the 9X and 10X young people today.9x talked about the reason for choosing to “go against the crowd”.

Thinking out of the box is the right way to win, let’s start the road to success by “thinking differently, doing differently”.

Hoang Tien Dung

Dung gives an example of some words such as: “rhythm, hump, corn…” in English, respectively, means “Proposition, Well-kempt, Get the hump, Noob …”. These “slang words” are completely impossible to look up on translation software, or are not accurate.

“Before me, many teachers and young people teaching English today, people often go in the direction of teaching grammar structures with vocabulary closely following dictionaries or exam preparation books. I used to think that if I also taught English like my predecessors, it would be difficult to attract learners, difficult to create my own nature, and even be easily lost in the community of young English-loving people. Therefore, I decided to boldly turn to a separate branch, besides cultivating basic knowledge and skills, I will aim to explore and discover new and difficult words. It is this that stimulates learners and even themselves to follow, constantly communicate, conquer slang words.”Dung said.

Slang words are very rare in official dictionaries, so most of the time people have difficulty in finding the exact English words that express the message they want to convey.

With the English “slang words” that Dung shares, all are based on daily communication experiences with natives, stories, information, news… or through daily interactions with foreign friends. to build a large vocabulary.

Going his own way was not easy, many times translating Dung’s slang words was opposed by some young people. When faced with dissenting views, Tien Dung chose to remain silent instead of explaining to all those who have not studied and delved deeply into English.

“I only explain and discuss with students when teaching because that is the responsibility of a teacher. As for social networks, I play the role of a person sharing my views and knowledge. I don’t dare to say that I know everything, but I am sure that the knowledge shared with students or on social networks is researched, researched and asked carefully by the natives. I am responsible for what I say.”teacher 9x said and said that Vietnamese or English languages ​​have different degrees of diversity, to understand them all, you need to really work hard and research.

Therefore, Tien Dung has always forged the habit of not rejecting objections, considering it as sharing “everyone on the online community can only respond if they love and care. Those shares are very valuable, it is a lesson and story for Dung himself to listen to and filter the right information.

The handsome 9x 'goes against the crowd' decoding English slang words that attract millions of views - 1

Hoang Tien Dung.

Tien Dung was born and raised in a traditional family of language education. From an early age, he was taught by his parents to read books and learn about languages ​​through puzzles and proverbs.

It is the inheritance of the quintessence of the family that helps Dung be passionate and understand the meaning of education. “In my 10 years of teaching, I have never hated this job”Dung said.

Dung’s biggest goal when sharing this knowledge is to help people understand difficult words, all with understanding, enrich vocabulary, and foster a love for English.

Taking Tik Tok as the main platform to be able to share knowledge, Tien Dung confided: “Tik Tok is the most developed social network today. On those platforms, millions of people across the country can access these videos for free. Everyone can interact, ask questions, and correct problems directly.”

In addition to useful knowledge, Tien Dung’s plus point, which is loved by everyone, is his “truth”. He always brings the most real stories and shares around people’s daily lives.

Tips to conquer IELTS

Right from grade 12, Dung started seriously embarking on his journey to conquer English. This young man’s highest test achievement ever achieved IELTS 9.0. Up to now, after 14 years, Dung has been guiding many young people to conquer IELTS. “When people want to reach the top in any field, first they have to be passionate. There will be a race on the top where you get bored and give up, but if you persevere and work hard, always think about your passion, you will definitely succeed.” said the handsome teacher.

Tien Dung also points out 3 points to note for those who are just starting to learn IELTS, including:

Learn more about IELTS

Learners need to know the information about the exam format, structure, grading scale, scoring method… Especially pay attention to the IELTS score scale because this is the key to help you know how to set goals and measure the process. study program. For example, if you want to get 7.0 you need to get 7.5 listening, 7.5 reading, 6.0 writing, 6.5 speaking.

Determine your own level

Before studying, seriously take a test with the allotted time. That way learners will know where they are. You should carefully study the exam format (structure) to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each skill. This helps you design a suitable learning path for yourself, such as skills to focus on, knowledge to cultivate.

Prepare necessary luggage

Finding a suitable route, building a schedule, selecting materials and practicing well, staying determined is very important.

“Everyone, sign up for a course, choose a tutor that is right for you. When you do not know where to start, how to get the desired score, no one to help and answer your questions will make you frustrated and give up.”the 9x teacher said.

For a young man from Hanoi, love and work are the catalysts to overcome the pressures and difficulties in life. He has always loved teaching, always considered it to be his life and sometimes even put it above many other things, sacrificing time for his family, personal interests to devote all his time to teaching and grading. item.

In the coming time, Dung will continue to cultivate new words, study more about the English and Vietnamese languages ​​to help young people and students shorten the language gap with natives, communicate with the locals. continue to be mature and up to standards.

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