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The rate of stroke in young people is increasing

(Dan tri) – According to statistics from the US CDC, more than one-third of people with “mild strokes” are not completely treated and worsen within a year.

On March 12, model Hailey Bieber shared on her personal Instagram that she had just experienced signs of a stroke while having breakfast with her husband.

The rate of stroke in young people is increasing - 1

Hailey Bieber shared his medical condition on his personal Instagram page on March 12 (Source: IG haileybieber).

Doctors discovered a small blood clot in her brain, which was also the cause of the lack of oxygen. Hailey also said the clot had dissolved on its own and her body recovered within a few hours.

Although Bieber recovered, the blood clot could lead to a stroke caused by a cerebrovascular accident – the cause of the majority of strokes. The rate of stroke among young people is on the rise. Here is the basic information you need to know about stroke in young people.

There are three main types of stroke

An ischemic stroke occurs when blood is blocked through an artery that carries blood to the brain. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this is the most common and common type of stroke.

The second type of stroke is a “mild stroke”, also known as a “temporary ischemic attack”, which is also caused by a blood clot. But unlike the first type, these strokes only block blood flow from the brain for a short period of time, usually 5 minutes.

Although it doesn’t last too long, a “temporary ischemic attack” is a warning of more severe strokes in the future. According to CDC statistics, more than a third of people who have a “mild stroke” are not completely treated and get worse within a year.

A hemorrhagic stroke is a third type, and occurs when an artery in the brain leaks blood or bursts. Leaking blood puts pressure on brain cells and damages them. According to the CDC, high blood pressure and an aneurysm are two possible causes of stroke.

The rate of young people having a stroke is increasing day by day

Over the past 30 years, the rate of stroke in people aged 49 and under has continued to increase in the southern and central states, according to data from the American Heart Association (AHA) released in February. West of this country. In contrast, the number of people aged 75 and older having a stroke decreased.

Audrey C. Leasure, lead author of the study and a student at Yale University School of Medicine (USA), said: “We hope that public health will look to pay more attention to young populations. , especially in areas with increased stroke rates. To reduce stroke rates in young people, we need to develop appropriate interventions.”

This finding comes from the 2019 “Global Burden of Disease” (GBD), a large-scale, peer-reviewed study of worldwide health trends. In 2019, 460,000 strokes were recorded, and two-thirds of them were ischemic.

According to the AHA, in 2016, on average, someone died from a stroke every 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Risk factors for stroke (such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes) are becoming more common in young and middle-aged people.

According to Johns Hopkins University (USA), some other causes of stroke include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, smoking and high cholesterol. The risk of stroke increases with age, and African-Americans have a higher rate of death or sequelae from a stroke than whites.

Know the signs of a stroke

According to the Cleveland Clinic, stroke symptoms can be shortened to: BE FAST.

Neuroscientist Blake Buletko advises people to recognize and remember the signs. “We wouldn’t be able to predict and exclude ourselves from being ‘stroke-free’,” he said.

Balance: Prevents sudden loss of balance.

Eyes: Note loss of vision in one or both eyes.

Face : Notice the drooping, disproportionate condition on one side of the face.

Arms: Note if an arm or leg looks weak or numb.

Speech: Note any stammering or unclear speech.

Time: Call 911 quickly if you see someone experiencing any of these symptoms.

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