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The secretary of A Business Proposal is so cute but the number 3 is surprised

Very hot thanks A Business Proposal (Dating in the Office)Kim Min Kyu has the image of a gentle secretary, a student. But when he took off his shirt, the handsome man revealed his muscular muscles, his body “mlem” all the sauce.

Daily secretary

But when you take your shirt off it’s like…

Even the female assistant Seol In Ah (Jin Young Seo) also showed off Kim Min Kyu’s beautiful body. Looking at her back as solid as a stone table, what girl doesn’t feel loved and protected, right?

The handsome man has a gentle, childlike beauty. If you just look at the face, many people will think this is a teenager. But make no mistake, Song Kang with the past is a gymnast with a statue-like body. When the guy dressed as a ballet dancer in Navilleraviewers are too embarrassed to look directly.

I think Song Kang is just a baby

But actually he is like this!

Reminded that “student’s face, parent’s body” no one can pass him. Im Si Wan has a height of less than 1m8, a young face, so even though he is over 30, he is still invited to play the role of a student. However, when he took off his shirt, he was a completely different person. Si Wan has a very standard body, usually only seen in athletes.

The face is like this

Hack, why not?

When the handsome man plays Descendants of the Sun, some people derided: “What soldiers look so immature and weak!”. It’s unfair for Song Joong Ki, the guy has an ageless face, but his muscles are not inferior to anyone. Even though the weight fluctuates up and down, it is only necessary to join the film crew to get back in shape quickly.

This face is already 37 years old

Song Joong Ki’s muscles are not “massive” but very strong

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