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Topwar: Runaway Commander

Army Special Forces Ukraine There are several units with certain missions. For special missions above and below water, they have the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center.

Like many other units of the Ukrainian army, Unit 73 has its origins in the Soviet Army. In 1953, the 6th Reconnaissance Unit was formed at the Sevastopol Military Port and was assigned the task of reconnaissance and anti-sabotage for the Black Sea Fleet (Soviet Navy).

In 1968, Unit 6 was expanded and reorganized as the 17th Independent Naval Brigade. And in 1992, during the division of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, the 17th Brigade became part of the Soviet Union’s Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian Navy.

In 2003, the brigade was reorganized by the Ukrainian Army as the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center. In 2014, the Center was moved from Crimea to the city of Ochakov.

Topwar: The commander fled - Ukraine's elite unit faced a painful end in Mariupol - Photo 1.

Reconnaissance detachment of the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center in a propaganda photo.

Unit 73 has 3 combat squads divided by mission: reconnaissance, divers and demining squads armed with APS submachine guns and SPP-1 pistols.

During the conflict in the Donbass, 30 gunmen of the unit were ordered to participate in the Battle of Ilovaisk (August 2014) and with other units were surrounded in the enemy’s “cooker”. Most of them managed to fight their way out of the encirclement, but there were considerable losses.

After this event, the unit was replenished and continued to operate in the Donbass and in 2015 they were transferred to the front. Mariupol.

In 2016, the center was supplemented with personnel, weapons and put into the new Special Forces created by the Ukrainian Army and renamed as current.

Topwar: The commander fled - Ukraine's elite unit faced a painful end in Mariupol - Photo 3.

Fighters from the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center during the landing exercise in 2019 (Source: Lenta.ru).

Currently, Unit 73 and Ukrainian forces are actively participating in the battle in Mariupol. According to a reporter from Telegram channel WarGonzo, the gunmen of this unit participated in organizing and setting up fire points in the city.

However, this tactic did not help, on March 13, Russian special forces destroyed a group of Ukrainian troops near Mariupol and one of the officers of the 73rd Unit was taken prisoner.

Knowing that Mariupol could not be held, the Ukrainian servicemen tried to escape. And so the chief of staff of unit 73 put on civilian clothes and tried to leave along the humanitarian corridor. But he was also arrested by the Russian side.

Obviously, Mariupol is not like the previous defeats and also not the last defeat of the 73rd Unit in particular and the Ukrainian Army in general.

The fact that the commanding officer of the Ukrainian special forces unit also had to give up his weapon to escape proves that in the near future, Unit 73 will no longer exist – first in practice, then in terms of tactics. customary.

Topwar: The commander fled - Ukraine's elite unit faced a painful end in Mariupol - Photo 5.

An unauthenticated map of Mariupol as of the morning of March 26, Vietnam time.


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