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“Treasure Lake” contains things to help people live healthy beyond Earth-Information Technology

Saturday, March 26, 2022 08:25 AM (GMT+7)

New research has found evidence of ice in permanently obscured impact craters on the moon, which may have helped sustain the first extraterrestrial settlements.

Scientists from the University of Arizona (USA) analyzed data from multiple spacecraft and discovered clear evidence of ice deep inside craters in the Moon’s polar regions, where temperatures can drop. -250 degrees Celsius because sunlight cannot penetrate in the dark hole.

This data has been questioned because even though light does not penetrate, the solar wind carries powerful radiation that can still penetrate to the bottom of the crater, breaking up the molecules that form the ice.

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The heat map shows that some wormholes on the Moon always keep a “sick” state at the bottom, with deep negative temperatures because the Sun does not shine – Photo: NASA

According to the Daily Mail, the team this time has found the key: magnetic anomalies around some impact craters, which are remnants of the ancient magnetosphere that the Moon once possessed.

Speaking to Science, a representative of the research team said that this magnetic anomaly deflects the solar wind, thereby helping to preserve the valuable water ice inside.

Since it is indeed water, the deep underground glacial lakes under these impact craters will be a great treasure for humans when building extraterrestrial settlements: it is a valuable source of water for living. as well as fuel for equipment and spacecraft.

This water ice is thought to be the primordial form of water ice brought by comets at the dawn of the Moon, when it was still a habitable object and had a magnetosphere. Previously, there were studies that suggested that the Moon once had early life, but then gradually became extinct with the loss of the magnetic field.

So, the team suggested that what we should be looking for are hundreds of impact craters – craters that are always in the dark. Compared to the Earth, the Moon has a small inclination towards the Sun, which leads to the fact that the sunlight always shines in a large inclined direction in some areas, so it never shines down into the deep holes.


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