Two brothers working at a gas station stole more than 1 billion USD from the bank

Two brothers from the Black Sea province of Samsung, Turkey, were arrested after withdrawing more than $1 billion from a bank in the country (equivalent to about 16 billion Turkish libra).

According to information from the police investigation, the two brothers, both in their 20s, worked at the same gas station and shared an account opened at a private bank.

It is known that his younger brother, Recep Gezek, discovered a vulnerability in the mobile banking application, and used it to perform about 70 transactions, transferring 16 billion libra from the bank’s investment account to his own account. surname.

The vulnerability allowed the duo to withdraw as much money as they wanted from an investment account connected via the bank’s mobile app. The capital account reserved exclusively for clients engaged in this securities trading is believed to have an exploitable bug.

The younger brother told police that there was not a penny in their account when he last checked on February 26. Next, he selects the “investment account” option in the app, and a menu pops up asking him to type in the amount of cash he wants to withdraw. “I randomly typed in a number and saw that the amount was transferred to my account. I decided to type more, each time the amount was transferred to my account. Until there was about approx. 16 billion,” said the younger brother.

Two brothers, gas station workers, stole more than 1 billion USD from the bank - Photo 1.

Brother, Recep Gezek

Debt forgiveness

I told my family about the situation, and we decided to pay off the debt to anyone we knew. I pay my brother’s debt, and we pay our relatives about 80,000 Turkish libra“- continued the younger brother.

Two days later, the bank discovered the incident, and a bank official called the brothers to ask about “huge amount” was transferred to their accounts. The brothers said they had transferred the funds from their investment accounts, but the account was blocked during the call.

The first thing the brothers did with their fortune was to buy two brand new phones for themselves, before moving away hundreds of thousands of libra to buy a new luxury car.

According to police records, the brothers then began paying off debts to family members, sharing the fortune with their loved ones.

We also spread the word to people in the area to come see us if you have debt” – the brother, Emre Gezek, said. The total amount of debt written off by the two brothers is still unknown.

But, the younger brother said they didn’t have”malice“, and emphasize that, “if we have bad intentions, my brother and I will go abroad with the money. But we don’t do that

The older brother said they didn’t”trick anyone” and accused the bank of not blocking their accounts, indirectly helping them get more and more money after each transaction.

We plan to donate the amount to the state“- he added.

The brothers were arrested, but later released and placed under court house arrest, with their bank accounts frozen.

This hack isn’t actually quite as serious as some of the others, like the $3.6 billion heist in South Africa in crypto, but it’s still remarkable considering the extremely easy access to bank accounts that can only be accessed by a single person. requires a few simple steps.

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