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Visiting my sister who just gave birth, seeing 2 different trays of rice, I immediately gave her mother-in-law a large amount of money

03/26/2022 07:14 GMT+7

I looked at the tray of rice on the table and felt choked.

My sister married a poor man. At that time, my parents forbade and advised her many times but still could not stop her. My sister also affirms that even though she lives in material poverty, her emotions are always full, which is the greatest happiness. Angry at her disobedient daughter, on the wedding day, my parents only sent a small amount of gold, but did not attend.

Sometimes my sister comes home to visit. Always bring vegetables, chickens and ducks from the countryside. When my mother saw that her daughter was thin and black, her heart sank. But she tried to give her money, she refused every time.

Last week, my sister gave birth to her first child and stayed at her husband’s house. My parents were still angry, so they didn’t come, just gave me 50 million, told me to visit her.

My sister’s house was both cramped and hot. Besides, there’s nothing of value in the house. When her mother-in-law saw me coming, she quickly welcomed me. Seeing her rushing to clean and wipe the chair for me to sit in, I was very surprised.

Then she led me to my sister’s room. You will be happy to see me coming. The room was hot and steamy, my grandson was sleeping soundly, and my sister was eating. Looking at the rice tray at the meal full of fish and meat, and the papaya soup stewed with pork, I was even more surprised.

The older sister laughed and told the story of being taken care of little by little by her mother-in-law and husband. She hardly has to touch anything in the house. Every meal she can eat delicious food even though the family’s economy is not very well off. In the evening, her mother-in-law also held her grandchild all night so that her daughter-in-law could sleep peacefully.

I used the excuse of wanting to drink water to go down to the kitchen. As expected, her mother-in-law is also eating rice, but only eats white rice and dried fish. Two completely different rice trays.

Thinking of her happy eyes and relaxed expression, I understand that she has chosen the right person. I gave her mother-in-law a bag of money (50 million from my parents and 20 million from me), instructing her to buy food or buy more household items.

But her next move surprised me even more. She picked up the money, gave it to my sister, but didn’t accept it. She also apologized to my parents, asking my parents to forgive their daughter. Seeing her daughter-in-law sad, she was heartbroken.

On the way home, I kept thinking. I love you, love your mother-in-law. Should I discuss with my parents, give her money to build a new house? And how do I get my parents to forgive me and come visit me?

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