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Weekly Astrology Newsletter from March 26

A week with the bold and vibrant energy of the Aries Sun

We are entering the second week of the exciting Aries season. Aries season gives us the opportunity to start new things and embrace the freshness and beauty of spring. This is the time when everyone feels like they have become more active and independent.

As one of the fire signs, Aries is willing to run after passion with passion of its own. Aries is always enthusiastically following the urges inside. While the Sun is in Aries, it will be easy for you to rise and become the leader. During this time, you will also be ready to try something new, such as following a healthier schedule, or starting to work on a plan for your life.

Weekly Astrology Newsletter from March 26 to April 1: A week full of energy to be ready to do new things - Photo 1.

The influence of the position of the Moon on each person’s emotions

– On March 26, the Moon is in Capricorn. Today you feel like you want to get your life organized. At the same time, you will also be more excited about detailing the plans you need to do for the day, month or year. You feel the limit of time and this is the time when you are determined to achieve your goals as soon as possible.

– March 27-28, the Moon is in Aquarius. The Moon moving into Aquarius makes you feel attracted to new and unusual things. Even on this day, your perspective may change and your reactions to life will also become more logical and realistic.

– March 29 – 31, the Moon in Pisces. The sensitivity and daydreaming of Pisces makes you prone to avoid reality at this time. You value your own feelings and may end up causing some trouble for yourself because of it.

– April 1, New Moon in Aries. This is a great time to start planting seeds or setting new goals for your life.

The influence of other projection angles

– On March 26, Mercury in Pisces Conjunct with Uranus in Capricorn. After a turbulent week, we finally have the wisdom to see the truth in others.

– On February 27, Mercury enters Aries. During this day and the next 2 weeks, observe how you speak and what you say when communicating. Because Aries energy can make you speak a bit thoughtless.

– On March 28, Venus and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius. This makes newly formed relationships more serious. You will also find out who are real friends and who are just friends.

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