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What do Green Roses mean and when are they given?

first What is a Blue Rose?

Blue roses have become popular and loved by many for their beauty and rarity. However, because it is a specially bred product, the price of blue roses will be very expensive, not all places can sell this flower.

1) Origin

In 2004, scientists applied Delphinidin genetic engineering method to produce blue flowers for Roses. However, because the original flower was taken from a white rose, the green color of the flower is quite dim and not too pleasing to the eye. Then, the scientists used RNA gene interference technology on red roses to turn them blue.

What do Green Roses mean and when are they given?  - first

blue rose pictures

In 2018, that is, it took scientists from Japan and Australia 14 years to work together to create a true blue rose and sell it publicly on the world market.

At present, because there is no requirement to import blue roses, many people choose the white rose dyeing method to save time, cost and maintenance.

2) Characteristics

Blue Rose has the same characteristics as compared to other popular roses. It is a woody flower, on the stem there are many branches and thorns of different sizes. The leaves are green, oval, with serrated edges and alternate on the same branch. The flowers are large and brilliant, the petals are layered, the flowers have a delicate but attractive aroma.

2 Meaning of Blue Rose

Blue Roses are not only special flowers, they have been so well bred, that they carry many unique meanings:

1) Eternity of love

Blue Rose brings color to eternity, eternity. Apart from that, it also represents the eternal and lifelong faithful love between the couple.

2) Aspirations, dreams

Blue Roses also represent people’s aspirations, ambitions and dreams. Every time you see it, you will be able to accumulate more positive energy, helping you to quickly achieve results and achieve your dreams.

3) Mystery, charm

According to some countries, the blue color of the Rose symbolizes mystery, fascination, something that can only be seen but never touched. It was similar to the rarity of this flower in today’s world.

3 Uses of blue roses in life

Blue roses are often used as gifts for couples, in the hope that their love will last forever, just like the eternal blue color that flowers carry.

What do Green Roses mean and when are they given?  - 3

Blue roses are often used as gifts for friends and relatives

In addition, you can give blue roses to parents, friends, or people you thank, admire, and respect.

Flowers are also used as gifts on special occasions, such as openings, graduations, birthdays,…

4 Are Blue Roses found in nature?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Blue Rose is a real flower, created in collaboration with Japanese and Australian scientists. However, due to its limited quantity and rarity, the price of imported flowers will be very expensive, not everyone can afford it.

That’s why many people choose to color the roses white to help bring out the beautiful blue. This method is simple and cost effective and can still create unique blue roses.

5 How to give a blue rose the right way?

Since flowers have a special meaning, giving them to your loved ones also needs to be done right. With that, the giving of flowers becomes more meaningful than before. You can give flowers in several ways:

1) Give only 1 flower

Giving only 1 blue rose to your special woman means: That person is unique in the world, only 1. You can give flowers in a closed glass vase, or in a special bouquet that you decorate yourself.

2) Give in combination with white roses

A popular way to give blue roses is to combine them with white roses in the same large bouquet. Because white roses symbolize the purity and innocence of love. Giving a bouquet of white roses combined with blue flowers will carry many good meanings.

What do Green Roses mean and when are they given?  - 4

Giving blue roses combined with many other flowers

3) Give in combination with some other flowers

Many people often choose to give blue roses in combination with many other flowers such as baby flowers, red roses, chrysanthemums, … to create a unique and unique.

6 How to color a blue rose

To help you make your own beautiful blue roses, please refer to the following methods:

1) Prepare the ingredients

  • Blue dye
  • White Roses (the number depends on your wish)
  • Clean water bucket
  • Vase, scissors, knife (if necessary)

2) Steps to color a blue rose

  • Step 1: First, pour the dye solution into a bucket filled with clean water about 2/3 of the prepared amount, stir until the dye solution dissolves in water to avoid color deposition.
  • Step 2: You put the prepared white roses in a bucket of freshly mixed solution. Pay attention to store the bucket of water in a cool place, away from direct sunlight for about 1 to 2 days.
  • Step 3: During flower coloring, remember to check the dye solution regularly. If there is a color thinning phenomenon, the blue color fades in the bucket, you can add more dye to increase the intensity of the flowers after staining.
  • Step 4: After an immersion time of 1-2 days, remove the Blue Rose from the bucket of water. Then you take the scissors to cut close to the base of the flower. Finally, arrange the flowers in a vase filled with clean filtered water mixed with sugar to keep the flowers fresh longer.
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