Why does Zhao Yun have Cao Cao’s sword in his hand?

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Throughout his life, Cao Cao was a person who always sought and used talents. He has gathered many geniuses, both in literature and in martial arts, to be an effective supporter for him. In it, Trieu Van is one of Liu Bei’s strong generals that Cao Cao craves but can’t have.

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Cao Cao is a famous military and political man of the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

In the Three Kingdoms Expression of Cao Cao, there are two treasured swords (there are two precious swords in translation), one called Ỷ Thien and the other called Thanh Cong. Thanh Ỷ Thien was always worn by Cao Cao, while Thanh Cong was handed over to Ha Hau An to keep, later in the hands of Trieu Van. However, it was not given by Cao Cao, but by Trieu Van.

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Trieu Van won the Thanh Cong sword in the battle of Duong Duong – Truong Ban.

In 208, during the battle of Duong Duong – Truong Ban, Xiahou An relied on his health, went far away from Cao Cao, led several dozen cavalrymen at the forefront to rush into the mobs to rob, unexpectedly encountering Trieu Van. Trieu Van rushed to fight and after only one round, Ha Hau An was stabbed to death by Trieu Van, his followers ran away. Trieu Van stabbed Xiahou An to death, then grabbed the sword, saw the two words Thanh Cong, gilded, knew it was a treasured sword, immediately put it on himself, then rushed into the siege of Cao’s army.

Thanh Cong sword is extremely sharp, in the hands of Xiahou An is only a decoration, but in the hands of Trieu Van, it becomes a weapon of destruction. Trieu Van wears A Dau, uses a spear to attack from a distance, and uses a sword to kill the enemy with a close range, with blood flowing like a stream.

There’s no stopping it, no one can stop it. In the battle of Duong Duong – Truong Ban, Trieu Van saved A Dau among tens of thousands of Cao troops, taking the lives of dozens of generals, so the Thanh Cong sword became a powerful weapon that made the whole world admire.

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Trieu Van was famous for breaking the siege of thousands of Cao Cao’s troops alone.

Trieu Van (?-229), alias Tu Long, was born in Chan Dinh district of Changshan district, now Chinh Dinh district, Hebei province, northern China. He has a heroic appearance, majestic majesty, is good at martial arts and has a talent for strategy, is considered a tiger general, wise and brave, and is one of the characters who contributed significantly to the establishment of the royal family. Shu Han.

The Three Kingdoms interpreting the meaning of La Quan Trung describes Trieu Van: “eight meters tall, dragon eyes, bushy eyebrows, pregnant cheeks, wide face, hawk nose bridge, wolf’s back, gibbon hand, leopard belly, riding on Bach Long horse, majestic fierce style”.

He was famous for his spearmanship, and Cao Cao’s ten brave generals could not compete with Zhao Yun alone. With his spearmanship, Trieu Van can bravely describe the conflict between the right and the right, gaining victory in the enemy’s encirclement. He was praised by Liu Bei as a brave and brave general.

Trieu Van’s achievements include: breaking Cao Nhan’s Bat Mon Kim Toa battle, saving A Dau twice, riding a Bach Long horse alone, breaking the siege of tens of thousands of Cao troops, breaking 2 large flags, killing 50 Cao generals . He also pursued Cao Cao at the battle of Xich Bich, fought Tay Xuyen, Han Trung, fought the Man ethnic group led by Manh Hoach, participated in the Northern Punishment led by Zhuge Liang…

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