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Why put a handful of rice under the pillow?

What are the benefits of putting rice under the pillow?

Rice inherently has a characteristic faint aroma that is very pleasant, helps sedation, relaxes nerves. If you have trouble sleeping, you can take a handful of rice and put it in a towel or sock, tie it up into a small bag and place it under your pillow.

The surface of the socks has many holes, and the air permeability is very good. When you sleep, the aroma of rice will help you sleep better. Besides improving sleep quality, rice also absorbs moisture, keeping pillows and bed sheets dry.

Why put a handful of rice under the pillow?  - Photo 1.

Putting a small handful of rice under your pillow helps you fall asleep easier. Illustration

Some other effects of rice

Desiccant for salt

A wet kitchen will affect spices, especially salt, once wet, it is very difficult to use. To help reduce the moisture in the salt, you can place a handful of rice in cling film, poke a few holes around it, and place it in the salt shaker.

Rice has a strong ability to absorb water, is a very good natural desiccant. When added with salt, the rice will help absorb the water, making the salt drier. Putting a paper towel in the bottom of the salt shaker has the same effect.

Preserving eggs

Putting eggs in has the same preservation effect as keeping them in the refrigerator because rice is dry, has good moisture absorption capacity, reducing the growth of bacteria. Besides, the rice bran layer will fill the air holes on the egg surface, effectively isolating the air.

Why put a handful of rice under the pillow?  - Photo 2.

Rice has the ability to protect eggs very well, even more effectively than the refrigerator. Illustration

Note, when using rice to preserve eggs, you should put the small side of the egg down, the large side up and not horizontally, otherwise the yolk of the egg will be dispersed after a long time.

Preservation of metal tools

When left outside in the environment, metal tools such as knives, scissors or pliers are easy to rust due to oxidation. To overcome this phenomenon, you should plug the metal part of the item into the rice.

This food inherently has the effect of absorbing moisture, slowing down the oxidation process, preventing the tarnishing of metal utensils and prolonging the service life.

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