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10 dishes from red apples, goji berries to nourish after Covid

Red apples and goji berries are sweet, calculated on average, easy to process into tea, tea, soup, porridge, drinks… to nourish the body.

In Oriental medicine, jujube is classified as a tonic for gas (energy), for the spleen (digestive system), to improve physical condition, to relieve acute pain… According to many scientific studies, apples Red contains a variety of substances such as sugar, protein, fat, organic acids, carotene, vitamins B2, C, P, calcium, phosphorus, iron…

Goji berry is a medicine that helps to replenish the blood, yin and fluid for the body, nourishes the muscles, strengthens the kidneys, helps to brighten the eyes… According to Western medicine, goji berry is a fruit with strong antioxidant capacity. helps anti-aging, rejuvenates liver, heart, brain, eye cells…

These two tonics can be used in everyday dishes, especially for those who have just woken up, have lost strength, are dehydrated, tired, need to be replenished. After contracting Covid, a lot of energy and water in the body is lost, causing symptoms of dry cough, dry thirst, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing…, so combining dishes made from red apples and goji berries in the daily diet.

Red apple tea, goji berries

This is the simplest dish for busy people who don’t have time to cook. Red apples cut into small pieces along with goji berries, steeped in boiling water, drink all day until there is no taste. The amount used for each type is 6-12 g per day per person, depending on body weight. People who are prone to cold stomach should add 2-3 slices of roasted ginger to the tea.

Red apple tea, lotus seeds, tubers

This dish is suitable for everyone, especially good for those who eat poorly, have poor digestion. The amount for one person is 6-12 g red apple, 15-20 g fresh lotus seeds or 10-15 g dried lotus seeds, 20-40 g tubers, rock sugar or brown sugar just enough. Red apple, diced, peeled, washed, diced. Put the apples, lotus seeds, and tubers into the stew, season with sugar to taste, and add a few grains of salt. Hot food is better.

Red apple tea, lotus seeds, tubers.  Photo: Moc Nguyen

Red apple tea, lotus seeds, tubers. Photo: Moc Nguyen

Red apple green bean tea

6-12 g of red apple, 20-30 g of green beans, put in the stew, add just enough brown sugar, a few grains of salt. Eat hot or cold, once a day, can eat continuously for many days. This dish helps tonic blood, suitable for people with dry and hot symptoms.

Chicken egg soup cooked with goji berries and apples

15 g goji berries, 12 g red apples, two chicken eggs or about 6 quail eggs, red sugar just enough. Wash goji berries, red apples, cut apples into pieces; Pour everything into the pot, add three cups of water, stew for about 1.5 cups, filter the medicinal water, discard the body. Boil an egg until the inside is cooked, peel off the shell, and pierce the surface of the egg with a toothpick. Put the eggs in the medicinal water, season with red sugar to taste, add a few grains of salt, bring to a boil until the salt dissolves evenly. Eat eggs, drink water while still hot. Eat continuously for 3-5 days. This dish has the effect of tonic liver, kidney, blood, vitality, quickly recovering the body after illness.

Red apple porridge, goji berry

12g red apple, 10g goji berry, 30-50g plain rice, you can add lotus seeds or ginkgo as you like. Wash the ingredients, cut the red apple into small pieces. Put all the ingredients in a pot with the right amount of water, simmer into porridge, season to taste. The dish helps to nourish blood, replenish yin and fluid, increase vision, beautiful skin…

Red apple porridge, goji berries.  Photo: Moc Nguyen

Red apple porridge, goji berries. Photo: Moc Nguyen

Mushroom and red apple soup

15-20 g black fungus, 10-12 g red apple, 100-120 g pork loin. Wash the ingredients, cut the black fungus, red apple, and pork loin into bite-sized pieces. Put the ingredients in a pot, add onions, three slices of ginger, salt, and stew until soft; season with pepper, sesame oil to taste. Eat the same meal while it is still hot. The soup is especially good for people with anemia, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

Stir-fried goji berries with vegetables

Stir-fried goji berries with vegetables such as celery, broccoli, cabbage, carrots…; add lean pork or bacon, depending on preference. The method of making is like the usual stir-fry dishes. Add a few slices of grated ginger and some red wine. The dish helps to brighten eyes, beautiful skin, anti-aging, liver and kidney tonic.

Red apple and carrot soup

100-120 g carrots, 10-15 g red apples. Finely chop carrots and jujubes and pour into a saucepan, simmer with three bowls of water. When there is about a bowl of water left, filter the body, take the water, divide it into three times, drink it during the day. Drink 3-5 days in a row, help replenish gas, cool the lungs, reduce cough.

Porridge of red apple, pumpkin

10-15 g red apple, 200 g pumpkin, just enough red sugar. Apples and squash are cooked into porridge, seasoned with sugar to taste. Eat while still hot, many days in a row, help reduce cough phlegm, increase vitality.

Red apple juice, licorice

6 red apples, 6 g of licorice, pour two bowls of water, sharp in one bowl, drink hot. Helps increase vitality, treat cough with phlegm.

Oriental medicine doctor Moc Nguyen

Oriental Medicine Association in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

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