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4 questions waiting for Coach Park Hang Seo to answer before the match between Japan and Vietnam

Vietnam team will play the closing match 2022 World Cup qualifiers Meet the Japanese opponent on March 29. There is no chance to continue, but the competition with Japan is a golden opportunity for Vietnam to continue to learn and improve. However, Coach Park Hang Seo and his students still have many questions to find answers in this important match.

Van Lam or Nguyen Manh captured the main?

After 6 months of convalescence, goalkeeper Van Lam returned to the Vietnam team. Van Lam once occupied the main position in the wooden frame of the Vietnamese team during the period 2018 – 2019 and earned the absolute trust of coach Park Hang Seo.

4 questions waiting for Coach Park Hang Seo to answer before the match between Japan and Vietnam - 1

Which goalkeeper does Coach Park Hang Seo choose?

However, a shoulder injury encountered in the Cerezo Osaka shirt made Van Lam only play 1 match in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, which was a match against Australia at My Dinh Stadium in September 2021. The main spot in the Vietnamese team was given to Tan Truong, Nguyen Manh and Van Toan, respectively.

The use of up to 4 goalkeepers in the final qualifying round seems to show that Coach Park Hang Seo has yet to find a name that is as completely satisfactory as the belief he had for Van Lam before.

After the injury recovery period, Van Lam has had nearly a month of training with Cerezo Osaka, but there has been no official match to regain the feeling of competition. Maybe the Russian-born goalkeeper will be given the opportunity to play in the match against Japan to regain confidence.

However, choosing Nguyen Manh is probably still safe for Coach Park, because Nguyen Manh is playing quite well in the final qualifying round when he only conceded 1 goal in the last 2 matches and played 3 matches for Viettel since the beginning of the season. should keep the feeling of playing well up to this point.

Do you continue to believe Van Thanh?

Van Thanh did not play well in Vietnam’s 0-1 loss to Oman. The 1996 defender continuously lost the ball (20 times according to Sofa Score statistics), made mistakes in position, let the opponent pass the ball (0/4 times of successful disputes) and was effective in supporting the attack. almost zero.

Having to play on the left wing made Van Thanh unable to maintain his form. After the injury suffered at the end of 2018, the player on the payroll HAGL has stalled. Van Thanh was given a main kick by Coach Park Hang Seo in most of the matches of the national team in the third qualifying round, but the student’s unstable performance will make Coach Park consider it.

4 questions waiting for Coach Park Hang Seo to answer before the match between Japan and Vietnam - 2

Van Thanh has declined.

Because Van Xuan was injured in the match against Oman, at this time, Coach Park Hang Seo only had Thanh Thinh as a backup plan for Van Thanh in the left corridor. Thanh Thinh used to be trusted at the 29th SEA Games and the award U23 Asia 2020 in the color of U23 Vietnam, but in the national team, there has never been a defender on the payroll Binh Dinh Club are present.

Van Thanh or Thanh Thinh, choosing a name for the left corridor will be a question forcing the Vietnamese coaching team to consider.

Question mark Adriano Schmidt

The Vietnamese national team’s defensive staff, which is thin, is now even more fragile when central defender Thanh Chung is suspended. Coach Park Hang Seo only has 6 possible names for the defensive position, including Ngoc Hai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Duc Chien, Adriano Schmidt and Van Nam.

In the match, the Vietnam team no longer has a specific goal of achievement, Mr. Park can give priority to creating opportunities for young players to be rubbed, thereby accumulating top-notch experience.

Confronting one of the two strongest teams in Asia like Japan is an experience that will help rookies learn a lot. It is likely that Adriano Schmidt or Thanh Binh will be given the opportunity.

4 questions waiting for Coach Park Hang Seo to answer before the match between Japan and Vietnam - 3

Coach Park Hang Seo instructs Adriano Schmidt defensive posture.

However, there is still the probability that Coach Park Hang Seo will continue to trust the old faces to create a safe position first. The way the Korean leader uses men will affect the team’s approach in this match. Playing stalking, calculating or unleashing all their strength to sublimate against Japan, that is a problem that the Vietnamese team must consider.

Attack or defense?

Due to having won tickets to the 2022 World Cup, the Japanese team may not use the strongest squad. Coach Hajime Moriyasu will prioritize using young players in the final match, this is an opportunity for Vietnam to surprise, winning points against Japan for the first time in the Asian playground.

In the match without heavy pressure to win, the Vietnamese team has the ability to change its approach. In the last 2 matches against Oman and China, Coach Park Hang Seo used a formation with a more pronounced attack bias like 3-5-2 or 3-4-3.

The Vietnamese team no longer gathered a large number of defensive troops, but boldly deployed the ball from home, played to impose and experimented with many new attack options.

Meeting opponents like Japan, it is difficult for the Vietnamese team to attack with all their might, but an open game is entirely possible, which can help players maximize their creativity as well as accumulate more freedom. believe for the future.

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