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75m2 apartment with Japanese style design full of life

The 75m2 Japanese-style apartment of a young couple is cozy and full of life. The crane symbol means a perfect couple to help increase the emotions and marital affections of the owner.

The 75m2 apartment is located in district 2 (HCMC) of a young couple. They are people with sophisticated taste, prefer to live in bright, cozy spaces.

Therefore, when talking with architect Do Nguyen Anh Quy, the couple chose Japanese style to do interior. The space is completed after 1 month of construction.

Wood and white tones are fully exploited, creating a fully functional, comfortable and full of life apartment.

The earthy orange sofa is the highlight of the living room. Smart TV shelf, using a rotating axis, so you can watch it while sitting at the dining table.

The sound of the land of Phu Tang is full of life in an apartment of 75m2
Next to the living room is a work area, makeup and wardrobe.

Each functional area is influenced by Japanese architecture.

The image of paper cranes dotted, decorates the house more vividly. The crane – a symbol of Japanese culture is actually a type of red-headed crane – a rare bird in the world that the Japanese call the Tancho crane.

What makes the crane so loved and revered by the Japanese people is that aside from its beauty, this bird is a faithful animal, when a male and a female mate, they live together for life without change. Therefore, the Japanese consider the crane as a symbol of harmony in married life. The crane motif is a Japanese cultural symbol and is popular on wedding kimonos and many other objects.

Paper cranes in Japan mean full and happy marriage.

Soft sofa set, accented behind a little color to highlight the space.

Separating between the living room and the dining area is a rotatable television system. This is the new highlight that the architect brings into the design. No matter where you sit, you can watch TV easily and conveniently.

The bedroom uses white and wood tones to bring a delicate and luxurious beauty. The light is scientifically arranged, just enough to illuminate and increase the aesthetics of the house.

Dramatic ceiling wardrobe with glass doors combined with bamboo and rattan. Cabinet space for homeowners to arrange furniture, clothes and accessories neatly.

The sound of the land of Phu Tang is full of life in an apartment of 75m2
Warm wood color always creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. A small flower, a cup of hot tea and a book for the homeowner to love the space more nice house this.

The layout, decor is convenient, beautiful and polite. The owner likes the quietness and serenity of Asia, so the architect has blown into it the quintessential, distilled soul of this culture.

Every day the young couple will be full of joy, together early in the evening to create the most peaceful home. The wardrobe is moved out of the living room area, so the bedroom is only for rest and relaxation.

The area next to the window frame is made about 20cm high, forming a corner to drink tea, read books and display the couple’s souvenirs. Japanese-style tea table set with eye-catching traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship.

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