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A 16-day-old baby is in a critical condition, hospitalized with many stings from “the gardener”

(Dan Tri) – A 16-day-old boy was brought to the hospital in poor feeding condition, coughing a lot, having difficulty breathing, cyanosis, lethargy, with many bruises on his skin, needle marks on his chest, abdomen, and neck. , back.

On March 26, Nghe An Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital said that it had just received a case of a child with HFMD (16 days old, residing in Ha Tinh), hospitalized with poor feeding, cough, shortness of breath, and cyanosis. , lethargy, on the skin there are many bruises, needles on the chest, abdomen, neck, back.

A 16-day-old baby is in critical condition, hospitalized with many stings from the gardener - 1

After receiving treatment, the baby’s health has stabilized (Photo: provided by the hospital).

H.’s family said that when he was born, he was completely healthy, however, when he returned home from the hospital, due to the cold weather, the family gave both mother and baby coal steam according to the concept of folk care.

After 3 days, the child showed signs of coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, little feeding, constant crying that did not subside, thinking that the baby was infected, so the family invited a “garden doctor” to attend to the baby. However, the crying condition in the child still did not decrease, and there were signs of cyanosis, fatigue, and stopped feeding, so the family rushed to take the child to the hospital.

After admission, the patient was treated with antibiotics, endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. Present, health The baby’s is more stable. However, the pneumonia is still not over and still needs to be monitored and treated.

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