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Birth mother banned from attending her daughter’s wedding because of a gift with “1-0-2” for her son-in-law

On March 26, The Sun reported, a girl recently revealed her sad story on Reddit about her mother’s shameful act towards her future son-in-law, the fiancé whom the girl is about to marry. getting married.

According to this girl, she was shocked and disappointed when she learned that her mother had given her future son-in-law, who is using a wheelchair, a pair of sports shoes. In a post on Reddit, the girl said she met her fiance at a therapy session.

Here, she learns about the man who lost his mother in the accident that left him disabled. The girl describes her fiance as a kind and generous person. However, the girl’s biological mother did not think so.

She repeatedly mocked, released words that humiliated her future son-in-law. Once, on the anniversary of the man’s mother’s death, the girl’s mother let out words that rubbed salt into the disabled boy’s wound. After that, the mother had to apologize for her excessive behavior.

Birth mother banned from attending daughter's wedding because of

The mother gave the gift to poke fun at her disabled son-in-law. Illustration.

However, before her daughter’s wedding, the mother did something shameful. The mother gave her future son-in-law a pair of Nike sneakers and said she hopes the man will one day be able to use them when, in reality, it seems impossible.

I started arguing with my mother and she said it was just a funny joke. Whereas to me it is nothing more than an insult“, said the girl.

Although the fiance said he was fine, the girl decided not to invite her mother to her wedding. The girl said:I told my mother that she was no longer welcome at our wedding. She was shocked when she told me I was making it worse, but I decided not to send her an invitation“.

After learning of his daughter’s decision, the father was equally shocked, he advised her not to have impulsive thoughts, but the girl was determined to follow her will. She also intends not to see her mother’s face again. From an inappropriate gift, in the end, a mother loses respect and love for her daughter, each family has a place.

After posting her story, the girl received the support of the majority of internet users. They argue that a mother making fun of her future son-in-law is tantamount to belittling her daughter’s choice of a life partner she wants to live with.

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