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Brave Girls’ MV “Thank you” surpasses 40 million views

Brave Girls' MV 'Thank you' surpasses 40 million views
MV “Thank you'” quickly attracted attention because of the beautiful visual effects and radiant beauty of the members. (Source: AllKpop)

On March 27, Brave Girls’ latest MV is called Thank you has surpassed 40 million views, 136 thousand likes on YouTube, breaking the previous record of the group.

MV Thank you is the title track of the mini-album of the same name, released on March 14. This MV has attracted 10 million views in 24 hours and 30 million views after 5 days on YouTube, establishing the group’s remarkable achievement milestone.

Thank you – a retro-pop song with a disco punk background that tells the story of Brave Girls’ magical experience last year, expressing the members’ sincere feelings through realistic lyrics.

Through the song, the Brave Girls members expressed their gratitude to the fans who continued to encourage them throughout their ups and downs.

In the MV, the girls have shown many different styles, helping to add an attractive “flavor” to this music product.

The members’ vibrant performance with inner choreography, colorful gestures and youthful facial expressions captured the attention of Korean and global fans.

Brave Girls is considered a special group in Kpop. Once on the verge of disbandment, but after the song Rollin Going upstream on the charts, the group has become famous, singing shows, attending events, acting as image ambassadors, appearing on entertainment programs, major award ceremonies…

Brave Girls plans to continue their comeback craze by releasing various content after the mini-album Thank you.

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