BRG cooperates with Japanese giants, the goal is to open 50 more FujiMart supermarkets by 2028

According to the plan of the new phase, BRG Retail Co., Ltd., a member of the BRG Group ecosystem, will coordinate with Sumitomo Group to promote the development and expansion of the FujiMart supermarket chain, with specific plans. From 2022, each year will open from 5 to 10 new stores and by 2028 will reach about 50 new stores in major markets across the country. In which, BRG holds 51% shares of FujiMart, and Sumitomo Group owns 49%.

The first FujiMart opened in Hanoi in December 2018. After more than 3 years of operation, with a well-researched expansion strategy to build a real quality supermarket system that best meets the increasing needs of consumers, FujiMart is being welcomed by consumers. Pick up at 3 locations at 142 Le Duan (Hanoi), 36 Hoang Cau and 324 Tay Son. Now is considered an ideal time to comprehensively develop and expand the FujiMart supermarket chain.

FujiMart’s operations are modeled after the Summit supermarket chain that Sumitomo runs in Japan. A typical FujiMart has about 1,000 square meters of sales space. Most of the new stores will open in the Hanoi area.

“We will provide products that are tailored to local needs. Besides, the products undergo strict quality management to aim at providing safe products for consumers. “, said Mr. Hitotsumatsu Keisuke, General Director of FujiMart Vietnam Retail Co., Ltd

Vietnamese people shop mainly at traditional markets, buying fresh meat and fish from merchants they know. However, supermarkets have grown in popularity as consumption habits change, not only because of the growing middle class, but also because the pandemic has made people more concerned about safety when shopping.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Shiomi Keigo, President and CEO of Sumitomo Group in Asia and Oceania said: “FujiMart supermarket chain is the perfect combination and synergy between the two brands. Famous brands are Vietnam’s BRG Group and Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation to bring clean, safe and fresh products every day with dedicated service style to consumers.

“Vietnam’s retail market is considered to have developed quite strongly in recent years. In which, there is a shift from traditional retail with the model of small retail stores, to supermarket chains. Modern convenience stores, due to a drastic change in people’s awareness of improved hygiene and food safety, along with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, have made people more concerned. rather than health, giving priority to fresh, delicious food with clear origin,” said Mr. Shiomi Keigo.

In another development, Nikkei Asia said, Japanese retailer Aeon also plans to open about 100 supermarkets in Vietnam by 2025.

Source: Nikkei Asia exam-fujimart-20220327125851404.chn

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